Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas time is...OVER!

Well, Christmas is over. We had a great time. We celebrate Christmas -- the commercial part -- even though we aren't Christian. For me, Christmas is about getting together with family and chatting it up, eating good food, and enjoying our time together. Or being totally stressed out around family, as the case usually is. This year was different. Different, but nice. We got got hang out quite a bit with my brother-in-law, his girlfriend and their new daughter. She's beautiful! And, it's quite hard to think that (1) Beanie was that small (even smaller actually!) just 2 1/2 years ago, and (2) in about 3 months we'll have another one that small. Yikes. Beanie is completely enamored with her new cousin. I think she's ready to take her out in the backyard and play, so we've been trying to explain to her that the baby is very small and not ready to play yet. Someday!

Glenn got me the coolest gift ever. A few weeks ago he had told me, "I thought of a gift for you. I'm going to make it. I'm a little nervous because you're either going to love it or you're going to divorce me." I assured him I wouldn't divorce him over a gift, but I was very curious what it was. Then, last Sunday after I was off work, he started telling me how he couldn't find the pictures on my desktop and how he wanted to post some pictures of us and Beanie on his facebook account. I was sure it was all a ruse and convinced he was making a picture collage thingy for our hallway. But, yesterday he totally surprised me with a little storage tub with drawers. Inside were dry erase markers and an eraser, magnetic-backed foam board, and paper. Then, he went into 2.0's room and busted out with this dry erase board that he had made up as a weekly calendar. Basically it goes from 7am to 8pm and we can plan out our days. It was funny because just a couple days ago I had been talking to him about how we needed a game plan for each day so we each knew what was going on and what the other wanted to do. That way, we would know, Oh, Glenn wants to workout this afternoon or etc. He said later he felt kinda bad because it "wasn't romantic or anything," but it was, maybe in a way guys don't exactly understand. The fact that he thought of something that *I* could really use and needed is romantic. Especially with how overwhelmed I've been feeling lately. It's like he read my mind and knew just what I needed, and that is romantic. So, rest assured...we won't be getting divorced over my Christmas gift.

Beanie made out like a bandit. Her favorite gift, by far, is the Fisher Price digital camera we got her. She walked around ALL day yesterday taking pictures. I'm sure the poor cat was tired of ger following him around telling him to "Say Cheese kitty." We've tried to explain how she can look through the LCD screen, but mostly she just holds it right up to her eyes and takes pics. So far, I think there are about 300 pics on the camera, maybe more as she was playing photographer again this morning. I think we're going to need a new USB drive just to hold her! I can't wait for her to go for hikes and walks with Daddy to take pics...they'll have a blast! She also loves the Melissa & Doug See and Spell. I'm surprised how well she's doing with the lowercase letters because usually she has a more difficult time with those. And my dad got her a sticker book with 1000 SpongeBob stickers....I think we've gone through approximately 862 already.

Hope everyone had a good holiday! I'm tired this morning and trying to avoid coffee because I've been having some pesky contractions the last few days. I'm hoping cutting out the caffeine will help a little because apparently drowning myself in a gallon of water a day isn't doing the trick.

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  1. Glad Beanie's enjoying her camera. Sounds like a lot of fun!


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