Sunday, December 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 12/06

We had a really busy weekend, so we didn't get around to grocery shopping Saturday morning like we usually do. But, now we are armed with our weekly menu plan & list and ready to shop. I am really happy with how well we stuck to the plan last week. We did change it up one day and had breakfast for dinner (one of my favorites!), but we had everything we needed at home so I count it as a success.

We've been having a lot of difficulty with Beanie wanting to eat dinner, so we had her put a little more input into the menu planning. She chose our Sunday night dinner of chicken tender salads (I ate my salad with baked chicken breast to stick to my diet). Lo and behold, she ate almost all her dinner!

As always, we plan Saturday - Friday because that's how we roll. All meals are gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free, or easily adapted to be.

Saturday: Chicken fajitas (on corn tortillas)
Sunday: Big green salads with chicken, avocado, and tomato (and cheese for the dairy-eaters in the house)
Monday: Chicken enchiladas
Tuesday: Chicken and dumplings in the slow cooker (I make the "cream of- soup" with gluten-free flour, rice milk and Earth Balance soy-free buttery spread, and make the dumplings with Bob's Red Mill biscuit and baking mix)
Wednesday: Pasta with homemade sauce, probably spaghetti for Glenn & Beanie and Trader Joe's brown rice penne pasta for me
Thursday: Sausage and Bean Soup
Friday: Leftover buffet

Image credit: swanksalot on Flickr
The ingredient of the week for the Gluten-free Menu Plan Monday is mushrooms. We don't make a lot of meals that really highlight mushrooms, but we do use them in a lot of recipes. In fact, two of our meals from this week include crimini mushrooms - our homemade spaghetti sauce and the chicken and dumplings. Glenn says the mushrooms are the secret ingredient to our sauce (eh, not so secret anymore, honey. Sorry!). We slice the mushrooms and then pan fry them in olive oil before putting them in the sauce (olive oil and all). Delicious!

I'm linked up over at I'm an Organizing Junkie and Celiacs in the House so click on over for more menu-planning ideas.


  1. I have ALSO jumped on the meal-planning bandwagon! However, I'm starting with only planning 3 or 4 set meals for the week and kind of improvising or eating leftovers the rest of the nights! So far so good! I'm excited! Another goal is to try and use my new slow-cooker at LEAST once a month. Making a chicken & potato stew this week with it! Yum!

  2. Kristen
    You have some of our favorites on the menu this week. Thanks for joining us.

  3. Can you email me the formula for the "cream of" substitute? We've been avoiding all our favorite crock pot recipes b/c they call for cream of chicken or mushroom.

  4. The cream-of formula is in the chicken and dumplings recipe, but I'll send it to you, too. It's really easy.

  5. Congrats on getting your little one eat almost all of her dinner!
    Have a great week.


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