Friday, December 31, 2010

Adventures in Mommyhood: 2010 Year in Review

So, I really didn't want to leave off 2010 with a post about how I'm hating life right now and don't feel like posting. I do have a positive outlook. There are so many things that are going well and so many things I really am thankful for. I am looking forward to 2011, a year that I hope will be all that I thought 2010 would be. And hopefully more!

Here's a little recap of some of my favorite posts from 2010:

January: Carpooling? -- I've got quite a few new readers out there and I'd love to hear your take on this!

February: Up a Notch on the Crunchy Meter -- Read about how we finally trusted our instincts and transferred to midwife care at 34weeks pregnant.

March: Bubby's birth story -- Self-explanatory.

April: Reflections -- Reflecting on how switching to midwife care probably saved my birth experience.

May: It's a fine line -- Walking the line between being a passionate parenting advocate and giving unwanted advice.

June: Just what I didn't want to see -- What made us go on the elimination diet, eliminating all top eight allergens from my diet.

July: My evolution -- How I evolved from a mama worried about doing things "right" to a mama who trusted my instincts

August: Breastfeeding Bubby -- Breastfeeding the second time around was a whole new game.

September: Absence makes the heart grow fonder -- Just taking a breather.

October: A proud babywearer -- How babywearing saved my sanity with a colicky baby.

November: Today I made the call -- Finally reached out for help with my PPD/PPA

December: Time for myself -- On the road to feeling better.

Happy New Years! Stay safe. Me? I'll be hoping the kiddos fall asleep easily and Glenn & I can watch the new year ring in on the east coast. Midnight? Hmmm...maybe I'll be dream-feeding Bubby.

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