Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time for myself

Last week the counselor told me she thought I should take an hour each day to myself, leave the kiddos with Hubby and just have some me time.

An hour???

Every day???

Apparently I looked pretty shocked. The idea was almost unimaginable to me. I mean, how would I fit that time in? What about Hubby? When would he get any me time? What about Bubby? Would he scream the whole time? Would be be hungry, tired, or snuggly and want to nurse? What about Beanie? My counselor even commented on how foreign the concept seemed to me. Yes, foreign, that's probably an accurate description.

I've said it before; I'm horrible at taking time for myself. Glenn isn't worried about his "me time." He assures me that everyone will be doing better once I'm doing better, and that if this is what the doctor orders then we should give it a go. And we have. It hasn't been every day, but we have been making an effort, even if it's just Glenn taking the kids to the store so I can be home alone for a bit.

It's quiet when I'm home alone. I'm getting used to it, but I sort of think I like it.


  1. My sis and I were just talking about this - it is so important (for EVERYONE) that you take time for yourself - and dare I say, good for the kiddos to be one-on-one with Dad now and again.
    My sis is on a super tight budget so she was curious what she would even do so she has a plan to go to the local bookstore and read. Splurge on a coffee and just read in silence with no one asking her where their toys are, wanting to nurse, wanting a snack, etc.
    Even talking about the idea of have some time alone, she perked up. Enjoy it!

  2. Having the house to myself really is a foreign concept at this point. ;) Enjoy it! You deserve this time to yourself.

  3. How great that your hubby is supportive, it really helps! It is such a foreign concept to Mamas, but we do need that time away. I'm still working on that one too!

  4. An hour a day sounds glorious!! Hope it brings you some much-needed peace. God only knows moms can't even go pee without someone trying to get involved!!!! I think this is why children are hard-wired to sleep more than adults. So we don't all go crazy.

  5. This makes me very happy to see! I know it's hard to put yourself first even if only for an hour a day. I've learned that the other people in your life don't get the best you have to offer unless you give yourself the best too.

  6. It is hard to find a whole hour every day. One whole hour. However, I'm sure it's worth it. I love the 20 minutes I steal in the shower on the days when my daughter doesn't try to get in. My favourite place is the library - it's free and you HAVE to be quiet. ;)

  7. A little break goes aa LOOONG way. Even 5 minutes on the middle of a bunch of stress can calm your pounding heart.


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