Monday, December 27, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 12/27

Well, we're past the holiday madness. I realized that the holidays have been extra difficult for me this year. The PPD is getting better, but obviously, there's a long way to go with that. Our holidays are very food centric, and while I was able to feel adventurous about Thanksgiving, Christmas sort of seemed blah without all the usual suspects. Everyone else ate lasagna on Christmas Eve and I had an overcooked chicken breast and salad. My gluten-free monkey bread looked delicious, but just didn't taste the same. We couldn't go out for Chinese food Christmas night (although Glenn, great hubby that he is cooked a delicious dinner of sweet and sour prawns). It just wasn't the same. For the most part, I don't miss anything I used to eat. I feel better without the dairy and I know my restricted diet has made all the difference in the world for Bubby. That said, the holidays this year were hard; I'm sure the food stuff just compounded that.

Onward and upward though; here's our menu plan for next week. As always, we plan from Saturday to Friday -- that's how we roll. All meals are gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free, or easily adapted to be.

Saturday: Sweet and Sour prawns with green peppers and pineapple. Served over white rice.
Sunday: Pulled pork, homemade french fries and green salad (I use Kinnikinnick hamburger buns)
Monday: Tacos (we use ground turkey) on corn tortillas
Tuesday: Chili with cornbread and green salad
Wednesday: Leftover Buffet
Thursday: Chicken Enchiladas
Friday: Our New Year's Eve tradition -- Spaghetti (mine with brown rice pasta)

We may try reintroducing wheat into my diet pretty soon here, maybe even the end of this week. We're playing it by ear. Bubby is working on getting four teeth (two are just about to cut through) and he's just getting over a cold. We want to make sure he's feeling well before adding anything else into the mix. I'm excited. And nervous. Probably more nervous than excited; wheat has been the easiest thing to go without or to substitute for me. I'm sure it's different for other people, but there are so many products and places that cater to gluten-free individuals now that it isn't so bad.

I'm linked up over at I'm an Organizing Junkie so click on over for more menu planning ideas.


  1. Yum, sounds like a great week, and every meal is something I would consider making. Thanks for the ideas, I will steal several for this week!

  2. And by great week, I mean the menu plan, not the holiday food challenges. That is so hard, I am sorry you missed some of your favorites!


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