Friday, April 1, 2011

March of Kindness Wrap Up

March of KindnessOkay, I'm a day late. Remember that whole 28 hours of things to do in 24 hours? Yup. Still there. I'm looking forward to this new month; I'm feeling good and like I'm ready to move forward. But, I did want to post a little conclusion to our March of Kindness with Code Name: Mama.

I think our month really went well. I had originally thought we could focus more kindness on strangers or in the community, but it turned out our family was really in need of some kindness. As I've stated before Beanie has been having some difficulties and we've really been focusing on making her know she is an important and integral part of this family. We've been doing girls dates (or daddy/daughter dates), spending quality one-on-one time with her every day, having girls time after the boys are in bed, playing more Chutes and Ladders than you could imagine (any suggestions on another board game to pick up? We need to add one to the rotation!). Glenn and I have been working on reconnecting. We both needed to be kinder to ourselves and to each other. We worked on extending kindness to our extended family. I worked on reaching out to friends whom I've lost touch with over the last year.

The last week was more about kindness to others outside of our family. I got some clothes packed up to mail to my sister-in-law and I donated clothes that I've been telling myself I'd try and sell on Craigslist (I mean, seriously, there comes a point when you just need to get rid of them! How long am I going to tell myself I'll try to sell them?). When we went to the grocery store the VFW was there collecting donations for care packages for the troops so we bought some things to contribute. Beanie was very excited she got a flag after dropping her donations in the bucket.

I'm glad we participated. I knew we wouldn't be doing anything earth shattering, but I'm glad I was more mindful each day of the ways I could be kinder to myself, my family, my friends and others.

If you're interested in more March of Kindness, read the final wrap-up at Code Name: Mama.


  1. I think that the reality ended up being even better than the plan! Yes, we could all do more to show kindness to strangers, but taking time to really focus on your own family relationships is so important too! It is so easy to let our own kindness at home slip, because these are the people who have to love us no matter what, haha. But they are also the people who deserve our kindness the most. I think you have given us all a much-needed reminder this month, and I am glad you shared!!

  2. Hi Ho Cherrio, Candyland, memory games, Hungry Hungry Hippos. Haba also makes a lot of games, one of which, Orchard, is a more interesting version of Hi Ho Cherrio. Plus the pieces are made of wood and they are high quality boards.

  3. Memory is a decent game. Maybe she's ready for checkers? (Personally I'd avoid Candyland because I start losing my will to live when I play this game. :P) Oh, and I think Animal upon Animal is fun. It's by Haba.

  4. Here's the games we're enjoying at our house, all are "no reading required":

    Hi-hi Cherry-o
    Chutes and Ladders
    Don't Spill the Beans
    Don't Break the Ice (all 4 of us play this)
    Memory (we have 3 versions of it by different manufactures)
    Bendominos (wood, fun and not mind-numbing)
    I-Spy card game
    Elefun (physical game instead of board/table)

    I have an event idea.....

  5. Feed The Kitty is a fun game that does not require reading...



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