Sunday, April 17, 2011

Screen-Free Week: April 18-24

Screen-Free Week is this week, April 18-24. And just in time.

This morning I was making breakfast sandwiches for everyone and Beanie comes in the kitchen singing, "It's fun for you...It's fun for me..."

What song is that, I thought.

Yes, my daughter was singing the Xfinity advertisement.

I think she had just heard it on the TV as Glenn flipped it on, but still.

We don't watch much TV with the kids, but we have been watching more than I'd like lately. With PPD, horrible back pain, neck pain and headaches and a teething one year old it's been easy to slip into the habit of turning it on in the morning and then just leaving it on. I'm okay with our normal TV habits with Beanie -- a show while I nurse Bubby down for nap and a show or two before bedtime. I would like to get away from mindlessly having the TV on and from her seeing any parts of adult shows. Or Xfinity ads because, damnit, now I have that tune in my head.

Where I'd really like to make a change is with my screen habits. I don't turn on the computer unless everyone is sleeping or Glenn is with the kids. I don't really watch TV until everyone is in bed either. But, I check Facebook and emails all the time on my smart phone. Mindlessly check it. Do I really need to check it 200 times a day? Did anyone comment on my status? Does anyone like my picture? Did anyone read my link? Does anyone like me??? I'm in a place where I've been taking things too personally too, so I really feel the need to step back. I had to do it before with my online mommy boards. Now it's time to cut ties with Facebook, at least temporarily. I'm going to deactivate my account for a week. A friend suggested that was extreme, but I know if I don't actually deactivate it I will check it. "Hello, my name is Kristen and I'm addicted to Facebook." As for emails, do I need to feel like I should drop everything and check that email the instant it arrives? Do I need to respond lest I forget later when I actually get on the computer? And, no mind-numbing TV in the evenings. I just have it on for noise, mostly, because there aren't many shows I like watching lately. Except Food Revolution just started.

So, I'm going to unplug more. I'm not committing to being screen free. In fact, I know I won't be. I'll check emails once or twice a day. I'll blog if I feel like it. The point is to be more mindful of media and how we interact with it.

Are you participating in Screen Free Week 2011? What are your plans?


  1. Oh no, just in time for Spring Break here! My girls watch between none and a ton of tv on any given day. Having no cable but only netflix for them to watch has eliminated commercials and helped be really choosy about what they watch. I probably would have tried the Screen free week if it wasn't spring break though.

  2. Good Luck! I think it's reasonable if you're just stepping back a bit. I really enjoyed our vacation with no access to the outside world :) I left my laptop at home, had to walk all the way down to the beach (really only a two minute walk, but LOTS of steps) if I wanted to make a phone call...kept the TV off, the radio on when we wanted it. It was nice! Since we've been home we've moved the TV into our bedroom and don't watch it much at all! This week we're cancelling cable...that should be interesting, I'm a little scared!

  3. Kristen, sounds interesting. We cut ties with cable a month back, and it is really helping. Good luck and I miss you on FB (and the boards) :)


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