Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'll have the pancakes. With a side of pee-pee on the potty please.

So today Glenn, Beanie and I headed out to Babies R Us to order the dresser for 2.0's room. We had seen one we liked and, even better, it was a brand that was included in the Babies R Us Great Trade-in Event. We took Beanie's old convertible carseat in and got a coupon for 25% off the dresser. Woohoo! I had sold her other convertible carseat to a friend from my mom's group a week too early...otherwise we could've gotten 25% off something else too! Dangit.

This is the changing table/dresser we got.

We're still up in the air on whether or not we'll buy a crib. We're both leaning towards no. Glenn's brother is going to give us the bassinet they've been using as their daughter isn't sleeping in it anymore. Hopefully the bassinet will last a month or so. And we have the pack and play. While I'm hoping that 2.0 is a more independent sleeper than Beanie was I am also thinking that we will probably end up co-sleeping for at least part of the night, especially after Glenn goes back to work. We'll see. I'm not laying any plans in stone, that's for sure, because I know how all those "plans" went by the wayside with Beanie. I'm sure we will co-sleep some, but I also like being able to stretch out a little in bed and snuggling up next to the hubby, at least for the few hours before he has to go to work.

Anyhoo, off that tangent. Back to pancakes and pee.

After we went to Babies R Us, it was getting a bit late so we decided to just stop and grab something for dinner. I tried to take Beanie to the potty with me while at BRU, but she wanted to "try later." It's pretty awkward trying to squat down and hold her up on the big potty anyways and she is, in fact, a little scared of the "big potty." I imagine it does look pretty big to a two year old. After we ordered our dinner we decided to take her in to try and go potty again. And it worked! The first time she's ever used the "big potty." Well, it sort of worked. It must have been the fact that I was clinging on to her while squatting down with my back in a spasm & the fact that she was sitting all awkwardly trying not to fall in, but when she peed it went all over her legs...like a little pool to her knees. Sigh. What am I missing her you smart mommies who have already potty trained???

We get back to the table where Beanie proudly tells Daddy that she peed on the potty. Well, then the waiter (a youngish male) comes to the table with some extra napkins and Beanie proudly exclaims very loudly, "I pee-peed on the potty!!!!!" I was like oh. my. god. and just laughed. The waiter said, "Oh, that's a good job." It was hilarious. I'm sure the waiter didn't know what to say, but his response was pretty good!

So, one order of pancakes for Beanie. A hamburger, fries and a shake for Mom and sandwich for dad. And an entire restaurant of people that know Beanie peed on the potty. lol.

But, great news, we haven't had any accidents for 5 days. HAPPY DANCE.


  1. That's hilarious! She's such a big girl though and just proud to share with everyone she can :)

  2. One trick I use is that I tell Sparky to scoot back so she can watch the pee go in. Works well at our house, but we've had the same across-the-seat-down-the-legs pee in the past. Good luck!!


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