Monday, February 15, 2010

Just some randomness...

Here's a few random updates. I've been pretty busy (and pretty exhausted) lately.

I've had a lot of contractions over the weekend. So many on Friday night that I called the on-call OB, but she said not to worry unless I had 6-8 in an hour. Seemed like a lot to me. I guess that's part of the joy of a second pregnancy?? Lots of early contractions! Yay. Insert sarcasm here.

It did sort of freak me out because I had a bout of pre-term labor with Beanie at 33 weeks and had to have a shot of terbutaline. I do sort of have a feeling this little guy is planning on coming early (Beanie was 2 weeks early) but I'd like him to bake for at least another month.


Potty training is going awesome. Beanie is in underwear all the time except for naps and bedtime. She wakes up dry 99.9% of the time. Most of the time she will run to the potty when she needs to go, although, of course, we have accidents every now and again. I'm really glad we waited until she was ready ready and glad that (hopefully) we'll only be buying one size of diapers come April. Or at least that the diapers we buy for her will last a very long time when we're only using one or two a day!


We went to Target yesterday and stocked up on stuff. Now that I'm almost 34 weeks (eeegads!) I've sort of got the whole -oh-my-god-we-need-to-get-ready mindset. I had a HUGE list of stuff to get -- nursing pads, lanolin, diapers, witch hazel pads, stuff for the hospital bag, sheets and a comforter for 2.0's room. We also got a newborn sized outfit for him to come home in; we already had a 0-3month one to pack, but I'm hoping NB will cut it. For Beanie, her NB sized outfit was big!


2.0's room is almost done. I'll make sure and post pictures when it is!


Beanie slept from 8:30 pm - 6am all by herself last night! Then I went and laid down with her for an hour and we slept some more. It's funny...even at 2 1/2 when she sleeps that long I find myself waking up and going in to peek on her. It was 4am and she was laying across her bed cute! As we were reading our bedtime stories last night she told me that I was "too big for her bed" and that I could "sleep in my bed." I'm in agreement!


There's a HUGE pile of dishes on my kitchen counter. I've been trying to do chores in spurts in hope to not get totally tired out and to fend off any contractions. But, it's hard. I feel bad because Glenn is working like 12+ hours a day, coming home and working on 2.0's room and helping with chores and then going to bed to do it all over again. He's an awesome hubby and dad! I feel like we've both been short on patience with Beanie lately and I feel really bad about that. She's really been a pill lately, so the shortage of patience is probably not unexpected with all else we have going on. She's a sweetheart though -- I love her so much and feel bad because she's so social and would love to be out and about seeing her friends and playing ALL DAY EVERY DAY and, right about now, Mommy feels more like laying on the couch all day. I imagine it's only going to be harder after 2.0 arrives. Crossing fingers Glenn will be able to take a few weeks off work. The last couple days have been a lot better, so I'm hoping maybe we just had a rough start to the week last week. And, I sort of thought I saw reddish gums so maybe her top 2 year molars are getting ready to come in? I think that'd make me cranky too.


Okay, that's it I suppose! Time to get off this stupid computer :)

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  1. I've had a bit of a pill in Sparky lately too. And if you and Beanie want to come over and the girls can play while you chill on the couch, you're more than welcome!

    Sparky was a week early so I expected Sugar Booger early too. Didn't happen. 11 days late. Little stinker. :)


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