Monday, February 15, 2010

Say What?!?!?

So, in the car this morning I heard an advertisement for Carl's Jr. On the radio. Like local.

What the hell?!?!? This preggo wants a Star Burger.

Supposedly there are six locations in the Puget Sound region. I'd like to know why none of them are relatively close to my house.

Good thing I'm in my third trimester because if I was still in the I'm-craving-this-right-now stage Glenn would be driving his butt all around town to get me a Star Burger.

Because he loves me. And he's awesome. And would totally go for a Star Burger too.

Road Trip!!!


  1. There's one really close to my house. I haven't seen any others though.

  2. Funny.. AJ was just talking about how he wanted a bacon burger or something from there the other day and I told him he had to wait til we went to Portland. Then you posted this so I searched for a Carl's Jr and there is one 1.8 miles from our house. Weird..


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