Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pissed. Sad. Decided. Worried.


This morning when I brought Beanie's waffles to the table I noticed that Samcat had crapped in the corner of the dining room again. Not once. Not twice. There were three little piles in the corner. The other night we noticed some poo in the dining room again. Glenn and I were both upset because ever since we had taken him to the vet things had been better. But, yea, the sight of three piles of poo right when I was getting ready to sit down and eat breakfast pissed me off. We've been doing everything the vet suggested -- giving him more love and attention, feeding him right before bed, making sure Beanie doesn't bombard him with hugs and love and kisses. And, still, Samcat decides to crap on the carpet.


I'm really sad about this. I mean, we've had Sammy since he was like 8 weeks old or whenever they allow you to take him home from the Humane Society. We went to look for a cat in 1999. We walked through the shelter and Sam came up from the back of his little cage to greet us, almost saying "Hey, look at me! I'm cute...take me home." And he was cute. He was so small he fit in the palm of Glenn's hand. He had been found in the insulation of a construction site and had to have his shoulder repaired when he was just a itty bitty kitty. The lady told us he was really shy. We decided he was out cat and named him Buckosam (you'll have to ask Glenn where he came up with that name...something I think he always wanted to name a pet when he was little I think). We've had him for almost 11 years. The thought of giving him away has put me into tears more than once today. But, obviously, he is not happy here.


Last night Glenn asked me what we were going to do about Sam (this was after the first post-vet visit poo). I replied that we'd talk about it tomorrow after he got home from work. The first text message I sent this morning said Well, it's decided for me. Sam shit TWICE in the corner where [Beanie's] high chair was. I know that's what Glenn had already decided too, but, still, it's difficult. I know it is for him too. He was already having a difficult day at work and to top it off he's sad and pissed about the dang cat too. Sam's old. He's not a cute little kitten so I imagine it'll be harder to find a home for him. I did find a no-kill adoption center pretty close to our house. They were closed today, but I emailed and hope to hear back soon. Now that the decision is made, I just sort of want it done with.


I'm worried about what to tell Beanie about the cat going bye-bye. She thinks that damn cat is her best friend. When she wakes up, she runs out and says, "Good morning kitty!!!" When we get home she knocks on the door and, when we get inside, exclaims, "Kitty! We're home!" One of the last things she does before bed is to give him a scoop of food and pet him and say, "Here you go kitty...be good boy." She loves the stupid cat. I don't really know how to tell a 2 1/2 year old that her pet is going away. What is she going to think when Glenn leaves with the kitty and comes back without him? We've thought about telling her he's going to stay with other kitties. I don't know. I don't want her to somehow think it's her fault that he's leaving. We've been on her about giving him space and all that and I just don't want her to equate him leaving with something she did. Because, honestly, she's been super good about giving him space and being respectful lately.

Well, now I'm in tears again. And need to go clean up the poop. I couldn't handle it right after breakfast (I know I'm going to puke so the thought of that on a full stomach just didn't sound appetizing) and then I couldn't find the Kids and Pets. But yea, I got my gloves and all that (even more important because I'm pregnant!), the Kids and Pets is soaking and it's time to clean it up. Plus, Beanie is napping which is a plus -- she always wants to help clean up and she totally freaks out when I get sick doing it.

Well, that's all folks. If you have any ideas on how to break this down to Beanie I'd really appreciate it!


  1. : (
    So sad for you.
    I like the idea of telling her that the cat is going to stay with other kitties. Sam will miss her but he wishes that he had more cats to play with, so he is going to live with some other cats and they will have lots of fun!

  2. I think you and Sandra have the right idea for how to tell her. Just let her know he misses his kitty friends and wants to play with them. I'm not sure what the "right" thing to do at this age is, but maybe don't mention anything unless she asks or seems upset by kitty not being there. Trying to explain it when she hasn't asked may be harder than just waiting for her to say something. Just my thought. I'm sorry your family is having to go through this right now!

  3. Awww, what a tough decision. :-( I like Sandra's idea. I would be up front about it, though, and give her a chance to understand and say goodbye to Sam.

  4. Thanks guys!

    The one shelter said they were already overfull, so I am waiting to hear back from a couple more. Also, I think we can take him back to the Humane Society (that's where we got him) but they said it can be up to a 2 week wait unless it's an emergency. I'm hoping about-to-pop-out-a-baby qualifies as an emergency for this because I really don't want to be thinking about it for the next 2 weeks :(

  5. I agree with everyone else about telling her that he's going to stay with his kitty friends. I'd let her say goodbye though. Scotty had a hard time when our 13 year old lab passed away last year, he still asks about him!

    While waiting to hear back from the shelter and humane society, have you thought about putting an ad up on craigslist trying to find him a new home? It's worth a try while you're waiting.

    Good luck!

  6. There's a mom in the group that might take him. They foster cats and have taken a handful of problem cats. They might take another. That would also open the possibility of Beanie seeing him at her house and seeing him happy with his other kitty friends.

    If you're able to talk to Beanie now about Sam going away, that might help her. We dog sat a coworkers dog for a week at Christmas and Sparky still talks about the coworkers dog.

  7. Hafta say I really like the idea of Sammy going to a foster home where Miss Beans could still see him time to time...it's worth a shot. Plus, I honestly think *you* will feel better in the long run if you know where he is. I know right now it's sad and stressful and you just want it done with, but I want you to be okay with it later on too *hugs*

  8. Oh, and wherever he goes I feel like you should let her say goodbye. She might not remember him when she's older, but I think it'd be better for her now instead of him just disappearing. You don't want her to think it's something that she did that made him leave, and you also don't want her to equate 2.0's upcoming arrival with Sam's departure.


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