Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have come to the realization that frustration itself is not a bad thing. I don't need to be beating myself up & feeling like a horrible mommy because Beans is frustrating me lately. It is normal for there to be times of frustration; its how you deal with them that matter. Beans has at least 3 teeth coming in. Now she's rubbing her bottom gums with her tongue too so I wonder if there might be more. She doesn't want to sleep, nap, or chill out...she wants to be cranky most of the time and has resorted to making what I can only describe as "wild animal" groans. Then she'll look at me, smile and blow me a kiss & the frustration subsides, even if its just for a minute or two.

You can't feel like a bad parent because you are getting frustrated. I have questioned myself as a mom, wondered how in the world I could make it work when we have #2, been mad at my husband's work schedule, etc etc. I think it would be abnormal not to be frustrated with a little one who was crying for a good 2 hours before wanting to go to bed the other night.

So, yea, I'm frustrated. I can't wait for these damned teeth to cut through finally and to have my happy little baby back for awhile. But I'm over beating myself up over my frustration. I'm a good mom, and all in all I think I'm handling this worst-ever (well, worst-ever so far *crossing my fingers*) teething episode pretty well.

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