Sunday, April 27, 2008

I see it.

The left front tooth. Its there. There is some answer to this craziness of the last week. The days I have questioned how much more of Beans' endless crankiness I can take, the nights of no sleep whatsoever, the tears (on my part and hers). I have seriously wondered whether I want another baby (okay, not really, I do...but days like today sure make it hard to think about having two little ones). I feel bad because I feel like I shouldn't be so aggravated by her crankiness, but I am seriously at my last nerve. Her little smiles still melt my heart, but they have seemed so few and far between the last few days. My mom told me that teething didn't bother me a bit, that her and my dad didn't even know I was teething until a relative pointed out that I had a tooth. I guess I didn't pass that ability onto my little one.

On a brighter note, my heart absolutely melts as I lay next to her while she's sleeping. Especially the last few days when it seems that when she's sleeping is the only time she is calm and happy. She is learning how to blow kisses and it is hands down the cutest thing she has learned so far. I love her so much. I'm glad there are so many ups to outweigh the week or so of crankiness that comes with teeth. Each tooth. Four down, how many more to go?

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