Monday, April 21, 2008


Someday my little one will sleep through the night. Someday she won't want to nurse to sleep. Someday she won't want to cuddle up right next to me to sleep. Someday she won't turn to the boob every time she needs comfort. And when this someday comes I know I will miss the little cuddles, the sweet little smile as she's nursing, the kicks to my abdomen while she's sleeping (okay, in all honesty I won't probably miss that last one). Knowing that when all these things are gone I will miss them, why can't I just enjoy them all for the time being? For the most part I do, but there are nights when I just wish she could lie down and put herself to sleep, that she would sleep for more than five hours at a time (on a good night), and that sometimes when she cried and needed comforting she would call "dada dada" instead of "mama mama". Just some nights.

Last night was one of those nights. She woke up shortly after I finished my blog last night & was up until midnight. Eek. She went back and forth from playful and babbling to smooshy face and obviously beyond tired. By midnight we were both in tears, me from frustration and her from being about 5 hours beyond her usual bedtime. She slept until a little before three when she woke again. She was up until 5. Luckily the hubby, who was going to get up at 5 for work anyways, got up with her for an hour at 4. That gave me an hours time to get a little sleep & by five she was ready to go back down again.

In that hours sleep (well, realistically only about 1/2 hour) I dreamt that hubby was bringing her to me at 4:56am so he could get ready for work and that she smiled a big toothy grin at me. In my dream she had cut 6 or 7 teeth over night. Wouldn't it be nice if it actually worked that way? That you could have one horrible, sleepless night and wala! all of their teeth would have cut through?

Here's to crossing my fingers that tonight goes a wee bit better!

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