Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Cheese is apparently Bean's new favorite food. She gobbles it up like its going out of style. I am so glad she is doing better with her finger foods, and that I have gotten over (or at least am not as freaked out about) my fear of her choking on something. Mostly she has been eating little sticks of cheddar cheese but today she tried some of my string cheese. Her first taste was met with a look of "eeeeww" but once I started eating mine she was suddenly more interested in the bit she had in her hand. Then she realized that string cheese is, in fact, quite delicious. So delicious that she managed to get the whole bit I had given to her in her mouth all at once. While I was trying to "help" and get a bit of the cheese out of her mouth so clamped her mouth shut like "No mommy, I like my cheese!!" and then gave me the hugest, silliest grin I have ever seen. With a little glob of cheese hanging out the side, of course. It was priceless.

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