Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training

After a pretty good run with potty training we have, for the most part, taken a break. Beanie has been interested off and on. I think it actually has to do with the Big Sister books we have been reading because one of them talks about how "big sisters wear underwear." It also talks about how big sisters used to sleep in cribs and drink from bottles, so I'm about to buy a couple Dr. Sears ones that are, perhaps, more AP friendly. Actually, it isn't the bottle or crib thing that bugs me so much about the's the page that talks about how baby has no stuffed animals in the crib and big sister wants to put her bunny in the crib and Mommy says "okay." Shouldn't it be like "no, sorry honey but it isn't safe for baby to have big stuffed animals in her crib." ??????

Anyway, what was this post supposed to be about? Oh yea, potty training.

So, this afternoon Beanie is playing in the playroom with Glenn and decides she wants to use the potty. And she wants to use it in the living room so she goes to the bathroom and drags it out into the living room. (Which is a-okay with me; I'm all about having an accessible potty during potty training time. Glenn thinks it should stay in the bathroom -- I'd rather have it out there in the open and have her reminded of it every time she walks by). So, she sits on the potty and then decides she wants to wear underwear. We got one pee on the potty this afternoon.

After dinner we were all sitting in the living room enjoying some cranberry orange cookies (definitely deserved because Beanie ate chicken, broccoli, salad, and blueberries -- read bribery -- for dinner). I head to the kitchen to rinse off our plates and mugs and Beanie heads down the hall saying she wants to "go to Mom and Daddy's room." I rinsed the dishes and then thought about the fact that there she was, down the hall, lying in our bed, in her underwear. I said, "Why don't you come back out here. I don't want you to poop in the bed." Half-joking, half serious because Beanie hadn't pooped yet today and, well you know, no one really wants blueberry poop in their bed. Glenn calls to her and then heads down the hall.

But there is Beanie, walking out of our room proclaiming, "My bum-bum is wet."

Yea, in the 60 seconds she was in our room she totally peed in our bed. Like fifteen minutes before Glenn had to go to bed. I reassured her it was okay, that it was just an accident (trying to fight back the are you freaking kidding me??? response) cleaned her up and changed her into her jammies.

Ah, potty training. Gotta love it.


  1. Well, you probably should have been more specific. You did say that you didn't want her to poop in the bed but you neglected to mention that you don't want her to pee in the bed either ;)

    btw, did she rub her chicken again before she ate it?

  2. Oh my. I read posts like this and think about what's in store for us once Boo starts potty training. I'm sure wet bed sheets will be on the list of fun surprises! You're such a great mom and so patient with Beanie!

  3. I shouldn't laugh, but I did. I just can't help of all the times Sophia's already peed all over us while changing her diapers and how I hope that's not a precursor for potty training!

    I'm sure she'll get it soon, you are incredibly patient!


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