Monday, January 25, 2010

Day Eight and Other Randomness.

Today is Day 8 of Beanie wearing undies. She had NO accidents for Daddy yesterday, so woohoo! Hoping the trend keeps up. She has been better about running to the potty when she realizes she needs to go instead of just peeing herself. Progress I tell you!


The damn cat cost us 300 bucks the other day. Of course, they ran a bunch of tests even though the vet agreed it likely was behavioral. As Glenn pointed out, the vet doesn't get paid if it's behavioral. She gave us some tips like making sure he eats right before we go to bed and trying to give him some attention right before bed. Glenn pointed out that the fact that I get up like every hour to pee and that Beanie sometimes still wakes up a few times at night (gosh, the other night was rough!!) makes Sammycat think we are ignoring him in the middle of the night. Glenn noticeably left out the fact that five days a week he gets up at 2am and the cat wants love (and the baby kicks the crap out of me) for about two hours straight afterwards. As I told Glenn, if it's the case that he wants love because we are up at night (and right now it's a quick stumble to the bathroom to pee) it's only going to get worse when we have a newborn who, if he's anything like his sister, is going to want to nurse all night long.


Beanie is transitioning very well to independent sleep. Most nights she will sleep all night on her own now. Like last night she slept from 8:30 to 6:00. Some nights she wakes once for a quick cuddle, but, other than that, mostly sleeps on her own. I usually lie down with her for an hour or so in the mornings just so I can squeak out a little more sleep.

Night before last was horrible though. She was having bad dreams and up numerous times. And, of course, it was the night before I had to work. Somehow she seems to have bad nights a lot on Saturdays (or at least it seems like it). Imagine my chagrin when I get home from work and, while eating dinner, Glenn points out that she had a rough night and good thing it wasn't a work night for him. Um, hello?!?!?!? It was for me damnit!! He pointed out that I don't have to work till the morning, somehow missing the fact that I was up every hour and am almost eight months pregnant and need my dang sleep. lol.


I'm an Auntie again today! 2.0 is going to be surrounded by cousins. He'll have a cousin just a little over a year older than him, a second cousin just a little less than a year older than him, a cousin about three months older and a cousin about two months older. Bring on the family reunions!! (Not really, those sort of stress me out)

I think that's about it for this lovely morning. Happy Monday!!


  1. Sorry to hear Sam is behavioral...maybe he needs to start potty training with Lexi :)

  2. I think our cats should have a party together. In a bag. with a brick. In a river. ;)


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