Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010.

2010 should be a good year!

I've basically laid out the changes I want to make in my life in this December post. I just want to be a better me...whether that be mom, wife, homemaker, friend, or (the one I usually forget) Kristen.

Of course, there are exciting changes on the way. We'll be a family of four. I've decided to give certain things up that are too time-consuming and have taken other things on that I think will be very rewarding (more to come on that soon) -- you know, really focus on what will make me happy and what is important to me and my family.

So, I'm pretty excited for 2010. I hope you had a safe & happy New Year with friends and family and hope you are as excited for a so-called clean slate for 2010 as I am. Cheers!

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