Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A catch-up post.

Well, I've been kinda crappy at posting this last week. I've been busy just trying to figure out life and working on something new. If you want to know what, check out the new linky in "Websites I love" :)


Sam (our cat) is about to find a new home with the crazy cat lady across the street. She's not crazy like having 150 cats or anything, but she's a crazy cat lady nonetheless. She has a cat flag hanging outside her house. And, no joke, during the nice weather she takes her little kitties out for walks in kitty cat strollers. Apparently a few weeks ago she came to the door in tears because some other neighbor had lost their cat. But, anyways, Sam is being horrible lately. Whether it's because he wants attention or he's just a turd or whatever. I don't really care why; it's driving me nuts. He pooped on the floor. Last night he threw up twice. He's scratching up the doors. He bit Beanie the other day (to which she promptly told him he was a bad kitty and needed to say sorry). Anyhoo, he's about *this* close to finding himself at the cat sanctuary across the street.


Beanie has been doing very well with sleeping on her own. I am very happy about that. In fact, she's mostly done it on her own. She may wake up once during the night and need a quick hug and pat on the bottom or rub on the back, but then, for the most part, she's back to sleep. I am glad because trying to sleep on her twin bed with no body pillow puts this preggo in tears.


I'm going to an appointment with a maternity physical therapist this afternoon. Baby 2.0 is so low and I have so much hip pain that I am out of commission many days it seems. Just not working. I have heard good things about him, so I am hoping to get some relief!


I'm in the 3rd trimester, can you believe it? I hardly can. Only 12 weeks (give or take) until 2.0 is here. I have a whole post written in my head about this point in my pregnancy, but we'll all just have to wait for that one. Let's just say I feel like I'm about 38 weeks pregnant, not 28 1/2.


I feel like I've been doing fairly well with my New Year's Resolutions. Haven't thrown any of them out yet. Definitely need to work on the financial/budgeting one. Glenn and I have both been vigilant about turning the TV off and what TV Beanie does watch is more educational and what I like to call "good tv." Our new favorite muffins are the Peanut Butter Banana ones from the Deceptively Delicious cookbook. And Beanie has taken to eating peas like they're M&Ms.

Well, that's it for a quick check up. Beanie is asking to dance to "Jamma-Jamma PJ" with me...the CD that came with her Pajama Time book by Sandra Boynton. Adios!

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