Saturday, September 19, 2009

12 weeks in.

A few weeks back a friend (who's also pregnant) said something that stuck with me. We were talking about morning sickness and feeling bad about just wishing Beanie would sit still and watch TV all day some days. She's about 10 weeks farther along than me so (lucky for her) she's past the whole I-feel-like-I-could-puke-and-die-at-any-minute stage. Her daughter is just a few months older than Beanie. She said "I was right there where you are, feeling horrible. But now I figure I only have 20 weeks left with just Kourtney and I." They have been doing lots of activities and etc. And then it sunk in, I only had about 30 weeks (now 28) of time with just Beanie. Don't get me wrong, there will be a ton of new adventures to come but I do want to make the most of this time being a mother of one. Its important for both of us. Let's face it, Beanie is pretty solidly attached to Mama. I still lay down with her while she falls asleep and (usually) end up sleeping at least part of the night in her bed. I'm hoping the next 28 weeks can be a time that we can keep our relationship solid, but also work towards a little more independence on her part.


We had our 12 week appt and ultrasound yesterday. Everything was looking good. The doc encouraged me to get the flu shot, but I declined. I think I probably will end up getting the regular old flu shot, but I'm sure I'll be marked AMA (against medical advice) when I decline the swine flu one later. I'd post the u/s pic (I did on Beanie's blog) but Blogger keeps rotating it so its looks all weird. *sigh*

Baby was sleeping at the start of the u/s both woke up with a little prodding from the tech. (S)he wasn't too happy about that and starting stretching out and kicking around. Poor baby was probably like "um, hello?!?!? I'm sleeping here!!"

I felt bad for Glenn, who was trying to watch the ultrasound while holding a squirmy Beanie on his lap. She was overly concerned if I was okay, which I kept reassuring her I was. Ah, on to the quest to find someone to watch her for our big ultrasound which we scheduled for Nov 11!! Hoping for a baby who's not shy...haha!

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  1. I still think we should take Beanie to the fair some day next week :) I could take a day off work and we could go play when there's not as many people there.

    What time is your appt on the 11th? If it's in the morning I'd be more than happy to hang out with Lexi and just go in to work a little later.


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