Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Swine Flu Schmine Flu.

So, is the swine flu really getting worse or is the media just catastrophisizing about it like they do about everything else?

I've always been in the camp that the media is making WAY too big of a deal about the silly old swine flu. I mean, more people have died of the plain old run of the mill flu but you don't hear them going on and on about that. Or do you?

Well, now that I'm pregnant I keep hearing about how there is a new strain that "targets" pregnant women. How all pregnant women should be vaccinated...you know with the vaccine they are rushing through clinical trials in order to have it ready for the "real" start of flu season. I have never gotten a flu shot (even when pregnant with Beanie) and I don't plan to this year. I definitely don't plan on getting one that hasn't been fully tested on anyone, let alone a pregnant woman or a developing fetus.

However, there's the sillyness in my head wondering about this stupid swine flu. I mean, do I arm myself with hand sanitizer and never go to storytime? Do we quartine ourselves in the house? Not going to happen.

So, what do other mamas think? What are you doing about the swine flu?


  1. You know, when the story first broke, I did become something of a hand sanitizing freak. We were traveling from Indy to Georgia just as it was spreading, eating at roadside fast food restaurants, etc., and I figured I should at least be wiping down the tables that Alex would be eating off of. But within like a week, I started slacking off. I don't know - all this talk about the vaccines is making me start to think about it. Alex has been vaccinated twice now for regular flu, and I got my first flu vaccine last year - no problems for either of us. But those vaccines weren't rushed to market, and I'm just not sure what to think about the new one. Generally speaking, I'm pro-vaccination, and have always relied on our pediatrician's advice plus my own experience, but this is kind of a new ballgame, and I'm not sure whether to be paranoid or not...

  2. We don't do regular flu vaccines, so I said no way to the swine flu one. However, Steve said that he thinks it would be a good idea. Now I'm questioning myself, because what would I do if Torie and Nick did get it, after Steve wanted to vaccinate them and I said no? I don't know really. I'm kinda hoping it just passes by, or we get a slight case of it so we're immune. Damn it.

  3. We're skipping the vaccines. I've had the flu twice in the past 7 years...one when I was working at a daycare and once last year that I caught from Scotty who got it at playgroup...and he had the flu vaccine. We're skipping flu vaccines this year for all three of us. We've talked about it and have decided we'll just be really good about washing hands a lot and avoid being around people we know are sick. Hopefully it won't be an issue!


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