Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Crunchy" defined.

Last night as we were sitting and eating dinner (eggs benedict...yum!) we were talking about the H1N1 vaccine. I was talking about how, if I'm ok with getting the regular flu shot (for the first time ever I might add!) that why not be okay with the H1N1 vaccine. From what I've learned recently, its the same process and ingredients as the regular flu vaccine (someone correct me if I'm wrong) just with the swine flu strain added in. A friend had said something yesterday saying that her pediatrician had told her that if the swine flu "threat" (I use that term loosely) had been realized before the regular flu vaccine was formulate this year that the swine flu strain would've just been thrown into the regular vaccine. So, if after a lot of thought I am seriously considering getting the flu vaccine what do I have against the H1N1 vaccine? I'll be the first to admit I haven't done a ton of my own research on it and am probably influenced by cries on my mommy boards that it hasn't been tested, who knows what effects it may have on pregnant women and developing fetuses, etc etc. Hell, I confess to saying those exact things myself. But, if the H1N1 vaccine is a regular old flu vaccine just with the H1N1 strain in it, then what kind of hypocrite am I if I get the flu vaccine and yell from the rooftops how I would never get the other. If they're the same.

Anyways, as we were talking about all this I referred to my friend's pediatrician as "crunchy." Glenn looked at me and said "I don't even know what that means. You realize you're speaking a different language right and its not just because you have a vagina?" I was trying to explain that if you breastfed past a year or coslept or cloth diapered, etc others would probably label you as "crunchy." He was just laughing and so I shut up about it. We ate some more and then he asked me to explain some more.

So, I started off by asking if he had heard of "granola" in reference to hippies. I imagine that's where the term "crunchy" comes from although, really, I have no idea. I explained that a lot of things I/we do are probably considered crunchy. He said, "So if you breastfeed you're crunchy?" No, but breastfeeding until age 2 (or beyond) is pretty crunchy I guess. Homemade babyfood -- check. Cosleeping -- check. Natural birth -- check. Of course there are many things I do that aren't so crunchy too.

I told him more...cloth diapering, home birthing, baby wearing. Then he made me quiz him. I'm totally serious here. He wanted me to name off things and he would say "crunchy" or "not crunchy."

Ah, it was one of the best dinner conversations in a long time. Do I really speak Mama-ese?

It was funny. I saw him updating his facebook status and knew it was going to be about our crunchy conversation. I shouldn't have said anything because he ended up not posting it. I would've loved to hear his take on our dinner conversation.


  1. Seriously though, thanks for posting this. If they are the same, I think I will be more prone for Torie to get it. She has never gotten a flu shot, but since there is the regular flu AND the swine flu to worry about, I may change my mind. Keep me posted if you find this out to be 100% correct.

  2. I was also thinking about getting everyone vaccinated, I just wasnt 100% sure about it.... Seems to be the REASONABLE idea, but I just dont have all the information I need.

    And LOL about you being "Crunchy".... You seriously crack me up... :) Well I think you can be CRUNCHY all ya want girlfriend :))))

  3. Good post - I wish I knew more about the H1N1 vaccine, because I have already had Alex get the regular flu shot, and, alas, I have the flu right now, although who knows what strain. My only concern about the new one is the threats of it being "untested," etc.

  4. WHAT?! Crunchy is totally a universal term, not mama-ese. I think Johnny was the one who actually defined it for me a long time ago (not by how he acted. I just mean, he told me what it meant). Anyway, thanks for posting this. I'm going to ask my ped tomorrow about whether Jack should get it. She's like me in terms of crunchiness -- pretty soggy (recycle and make homemade baby food, and an advocate of BFing, but that's about it) -- so I'm eager to hear her opinion! (I agree with what you wrote about it in your post, btw!)


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