Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well, when your mood is down it can't really go anywhere but up, right? At least eventually. I'm trying to be optimistic here.

Glenn and I talked today. I feel better about things. He talked to his new district manager and things just may work out better than we thought for his new route. For one, his name isn't on the route (some technical business for bread dudes) so when one opens up closer to home he can apply for it right away. Also, the pay may be a little better than initially thought. See, things are looking up already!

And, the house. I'm sure I sound like a whiney ungrateful bitch, but, you know what, this is my blog so I can whine and be as ungrateful as I want. I don't know why its been getting to me so much lately. Maybe because I just can't (right now) see us growing as a family here. It already feels too small. Sure, its about 500 square feet bigger than the condo was, but living in here day in and day out it seems much smaller. I have so many big ideas for updating and remodeling this place. I forget that we lived in the condo for almost ten years before doing any sort of updating. But, as Glenn reminded me, there are things I like about the house. Like that I like right now. I need to remember those instead of constantly focusing on all the areas that can be improved. I love the yard. I love our dining room. The master bedroom is pretty sweet, especially with the new furniture we got (for a killer deal I might add). Someday (hopefully) we can do all the remodeling we envision but, for now, this is it. I might as well focus on trying to be happy about it instead of crying about it. We decided we'll save our change and set it aside for smaller house projects. Like finishing the paint. Also, since Costco is so cool and has a coupon right now for their laminate flooring we are going to rip out the god-awful purple shag carpet in Baby 2.0 and Beanie's rooms. Maybe the master too. Definitely the kids rooms though.

So, anyways I thought I'd update tonight since we did get some good news about Glenn's job today that makes me think things will be a little easier. Still planning on budgeting like a mad woman though. Things are looking up!

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  1. Glad things are better. Especially glad that the job may work out better than expected. It is a stressful time these days and sprinkle some preggo hormones and a 2 year old on top...
    Basically, what I am trying to say is that" whine away" are doing an amazing job and deserve some "you" time.

    PS I would give anything to get rid of my teal carpet throughout my condo. It makes me crabby just LOOKING at it!!


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