Monday, September 21, 2009

Day One of Turn Off Week.

So, yea, I didn't realize TV Turn Off Week was during the week of premieres until a few of my loyal readers told me. Man, they are kinda ballsy, eh?

Today went marginally well. Beanie watched a little TV this morning while I checked my email and made breakfast. Then we headed out to the grocery store. When we came back she watched a little more TV and then we went outside and played. Lunchtime and nap. Then out to meet a friend of mine for coffee and some more outside playtime. Back home and a little TV and some time in the playroom while I made dinner. Then, after dinner it sort of tanked. See, I was exhausted and suffering from a horrible headache (gosh when will this thing go away??!?!). So she watched a little more TV after dinner, then we read some books, and then it was back to TV. An integral part of Beanie's night-night routine is The Good Night Show on PBS Sprout. Seriously, like that show has magical powers. As soon as Caillou is over with Beanie runs down the hall and jumps into bed. I about died (figuratively of course) when we were on vacation and there was no PBS Sprout. So, that screen time I'm just not willing to give up.

All in all, we probably watched about 3-4 hours of TV today which I'm sad (and a little -- okay a lot -- embarassed) to admit is probably a drastic reduction from normal. Seriously, I don't know why but we have the damn boob tube on all. day. long. So, I do feel like we're making progress.

And mommy cut down her online time too, although probably not nearly as much as I should....

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  1. You are way better than me on TV cut time. Brandon watches during the week probably at least 2 hours of TV, but weekends are horrendous, since that damn yellow sponge seems to be on all day.

    You should really pat yourself on the back. It's hard to turn off the TV. I know, I've tried. :)


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