Thursday, September 24, 2009

If Money Grew on Trees....

...things would be a hell of a lot easier. *sigh*

Well, the (sort of) good news is that Glenn finally got an offer for a permanent route after all the layoffs & temp work we've dealt with this year. I encouraged him to take it. We need to know what is in our future with a kiddo on the way and knowing he has a job is BIG. The (sort of) bad news is that its not at the depot he was hoping to be at & he'll have to drive a lot farther to work, he'll be working longer hours and he'll be making less money. The less money thing we knew about because he is pretty much on an awesome route right now working with someone who is on light duty. We knew any permanent route he had wouldn't make what he was making now (they're base plus commission), but the route he's taking is a lot less than we were hoping he could get. I know he's not happy about all this. I feel like he blames me for encouraging him to take it (even before we knew all the details). I just didn't want to be sitting around ready to pop a kid out and wondering if he was going to have a job, where he was going to be working, how much he'd be making etc etc. We need to know those things and be able to plan beforehand. I do think, even with all the negatives about the route he was offered, that it is a good decision in the long run and the best for our family.


I guess I probably won't be quitting my one-day-a-week gig at the grocery store anytime soon. Well, at least not before March or April. I had been hoping for a quit date more like December. We'll likely need that income as long as we can now.

I'm really going to start budgeting and watching our money. I've talked about it before, but now its a necessity. Last week I grocery shopped on Monday and had all our dinners planned out. That's my new plan. Monday = grocery shopping. We had very recently cut down to dining out only 4 times a month (I say only when for other people that is probably a TON!!). We'll try to cut down farther. I need to start making Glenn lunches again. No frivolous spending. I know we can do it, its all in our mindset.

So, yea, I went from over the moon happy that Glenn had a permanent route (even if it wasn't exaxctly what he wanted) to being a little worried about how everything is going to pan out. Add in my crazy pregnancy hormones, the fact that I freaking hate this house & its really getting to me right now for some reason, and a just general blah feeling about life and things are pretty rough.


  1. Kristen, I'm sorry! :( I know you will make it work out, though. Cutting down to dining out four times a month is tough, but it will save a lot of money. And for the record, I would also have encouraged Glenn to take the permanent route ... it's permanent! At least it's something you can count on, despite it being less money. I'm sorry you'll have to keep your grocery store job, though. I can only imagine how tough that will get when you get into your third trimester. (((HUGS)))


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