Saturday, September 5, 2009

Maternity Pants.

So, yea, here I am 10 weeks along and I already busted open the tub of maternity clothes from when I was pregnant with Beanie. Mostly for the pants. God, nothing I have fits right now!

I washed all the pants today just to see what would fit and be comfortable. With Beanie I pretty much lived in these two pairs of cargo pants. I'm wearing one of the pairs right now.

This pair of pants I wore to the hospital to have Beanie. Well, um, apparently my thighs are a lot, er, fatter than they were before because these pants are pretty damn tight in the legs. Sigh. I was hoping to live in them again, but looks like I'll be on the hunt for some new comfy maternity pants. Or, if I'm really lucky, Old Navy will still have the pants and I can just buy a medium.

So, yea, I knew I wasn't in the same shape as I was before. I mean, I was in really good shape when I got pregnant with Beanie. We were just a few months past training like mad people at kung fu. I was working full time and on my feet 40+ hours a week. So, I already have a little catching up to do if you know what I mean. But nothing lets you know that quite like pulling on a pair of pants that you wore when you were 38 weeks pregnant and thinking they already feel tight.

On the upside, this means shopping!!!


  1. any of your fellow mommys have clothes you guys can swap around? Like arrange a date to have the kids play and everyone bring whatever maternity stuff they want to trade. then it's still like shopping...just free! :)

  2. I like your sister's idea...
    Seems like a cost effective way to get some new clothes.
    I work at a nonprofit that has a thrift store - often times the maternity clothes come in with the tags still on. You can check around local thrift stores too.
    And don't worry bout the weight. You'll lose it later - it is baby growing time!!

  3. I love the shopping idea!!!! You need a few new things anyway I bet. I bet you have the cutest baby belly right now. Cant wait to find out if you are having a boy or a girl... HUGS


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