Saturday, September 5, 2009

Date Night.

Its not too often that Glenn and I get out for date nights. We've made a deal that we really need to try to at least once a month because, lets face it, in about seven months its going to be a lot harder.

Its when I'm really wishing for a dinner that doesn't include making sure Beanie doesn't escape out of the booth or make a huge mess with her food that I (sort of) wish the grandparents lived close by. See there really isn't any other time I feel this way because, for the most part, my parents and inlaws drive me batty. But the whole built-in-babysitter thing is sort of lacking in my life. My sister is close by. And crazy busy. Same with Glenn's brother and girlfriend. We haven't really made any friends who are close by that we could swap date nights with. So date nights for Glenn and I are few and far between.

Monday is our anniversary so tonight we are going out to dinner. I'm excited. And a bit nervous. See, last time we went out Beanie cried to the point of almost making herself throw up. Yea, real fun for my sister I'm sure. The only thing that "saved her" was sidewalk chalk and today its pouring down rain. We did buy the hugest bag ever of blocks at Costco the other day and hid them until Auntie comes over today. I know Beanie will be fine. And she can get over it if she makes herself throw up. But I feel bad for my sister. And it sort of makes for an uneasy dinner.

But we'll keep trying. Hopefully once a month. That gives up six more dates before Baby 2.0 arrives. And Beanie six more chances (at least) to have some fun without Mommy and Daddy.


  1. I know it's easier said than done, but don't worry! We'll be fine. :)And the more you guys go out the easier it'll get because she'll learn that you *are* coming back. Besides, we'll have lots of blocks to put in buckets!

  2. Don't worry! Pretty soon we can regularly swap date nights. :)


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