Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is it with little girls and princesses?

The other morning Beanie was waking up and she said, "I'm a princess." I said "What did you say???" and she repeated "I'm a princess. I'm Princess Pea."

See we don't really fully embrace (or embrace at all) the princessy stuff. On the other hand, we pretty much try to avoid it. But Beanie, who's seen Super Why on PBS like twice (maybe three times) decided that she's a princess.

Good lord. What is it with little girls and princesses? Are they just naturally drawn to their cute dresses & tiaras?


  1. It's not JUST little girls...Scotty absolutely loves putting on my tiara my mom got me for my 18th birthday (long story). I put the wand away so he couldn't hurt himself with it, but he loves wearing the tiara and my movie star sunglasses. Don't tell anyone, but he also likes pink toenail polish. I can no longer paint my nails around him, clear just isn't enough, it has to be pink. Have fun playing princesses!

  2. It was the princess mirror.... Guarantee it!

  3. Alisa, just one more reason to add to why I totally hate the previous owners of the house. LOL

  4. My best friend's 3 year old is OBSESSED! She has also named all the women in her life (mom, grandma, great grandma and me) certain princesses. She is Snow White - always - and for the record, she has never even seen the movie. I, of course, am Jasmine. Must be my dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin and the carpet I get around on. :)
    I do not remember being that into princesses when I was little. I think I was more into Care Bears and the Smurfs...

  5. I wouldn't worry about it too much. I think she's got enough interest in kung-fu, bumbumbees, sticks and dirt to balance out the princess :)


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