Saturday, September 19, 2009

Screen Time Turn-off Week.

So, I've posted that I'm trying to get over my mommy guilt of Beanie watching so much TV. I am getting over it, but, truth of the matter is, I'd still like for us to cut back. I imagine it'll be harder as we enter the rainy season, but I'm going to really try to make a concerted effort. I'm starting to feel better (well, except for today) so I'm hoping we can get out and about and do more activities.

Next week is Screen Time Turn-off Week. You can get more info here. Beanie and I are really going to be working on cutting back our TV time and I invite you to join us. Let me know how it goes in a comment too! And, um, I guess since its "screen time" that also includes computers??? Damn.


  1. That's just cruel. How can they have turn off week the same week as all the season premiers??

  2. Good for you, but I don't think we're ready here yet, especially with premiere week! Can't wait to hear how it goes though!

  3. Haha! After posting this I realized I have 1032 minutes (from the DVD case) of Grey's Anatomy to catch up on before Thursday. Soooo NOT going to happen.

    We're doing okay this morning. Just watched a little TV and then went to the grocery store.


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