Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I remember when I was little my mom and dad would argue over whether or not he should drive in the carpool lane when my sister and I were in the car. Yes, they argued about the carpool lane. Is it any wonder they have been divorced for over 15 years now?

I talked (not argued) about this with Glenn. Obviously the point of carpooling is to reduce the number of cars on the road. When I'm driving around with Beanie I'm not reducing any traffic because she (obviously) can't drive a vehicle on her own. But, as Glenn stated, if the state law does not limit the definition of "passengers" by age or licensing status, then why should we? I admit to routinely using the carpool on-ramp to the freeway because it is the closest one to my house, but, for the most part, I drive in the regular old lanes even when I am with Beanie. Admittedly, if the traffic is bad I've been known to use the carpool lane, but if all else is fairly equal I'll be found in the regular lanes.

But, if the motorcycle guy behind me feels no guilt about driving in the carpool lane, why should I? Obviously he isn't reducing the number of cars on the road either. Maybe motorcycles have lower emissions than regular cars? I have no idea. Anyway, I think I'm going to start carpooling it more often and am just curious what other mommy drivers do.

And, sorry mom, but dad had this one in the bag.


  1. I carpool here everyday with Brandon. Here in CA, it clearly states on the sign that Carpool lane is for 2 or more persons. Cuts my driving time for sure.

    What irks me is those damn hybrids with the carpool stickers. They are not reducing the numbers of cars on the road for sure since they don't carpool with anyone and they go damn so slow. Slows everyone down!

  2. We use the carpool lane as often as we can...but I'm also one of those weirdos that get in the right lane a mile or two before my exit. I hate driving the freeway, so I just sit in the carpool lane (usually behind a slow person) and hang there until my exit. That way I don't have to repeatedly switch lanes. And it DOES say 2+ to Carpool. Why not take advantage of it?

  3. Okay, sorry sissy, but as someone who used to be stuck in the rush-hour traffic watching people with car seats speed by I *hate* when people with kids use the carpool lane. It is soooo annoying and so frustrating to be sitting stuck in a lane going nowhere watching people go by that are not technically carpooling. Because really then, people with dogs in their cars should be allowed to carpool. At least the dog can hold it's own head up.

  4. Oh and motorcycles have lesser emissions which is why they're allowed to use the carpool lanes. Technically it's not one less car but it is less pollution which is partly the point of carpooling anyways.

    I still love you, just something I'm very passionate about ;)

  5. Sandy, I am the same way!! I ALWAYS get over way early for my exit because I hate trying to fight my way over there.

    Alissa, as you can tell from my post I agree that *technically* we aren't carpooling. BUT the state law says "2 persons" and Beanie is DEFINITELY a person, right??

    El, I had to lol about the hybrid comment. I wonder if you can get a sticker in WA. We have a hybrid Camry and, I promise you, we don't drive slow...heehee.

  6. I don't drive in the carpool lane unless there are 2 adults in the car. I feel like it's not taking another car off the road when I have the kids with me. It's funny because I don't think twice about speeding but I feel like it's "morally" wrong to drive in the carpool lane.


  7. AJ and I were just having this discussion too! It says "2+ people" and children are people so I say it's ok. Of course, I think that's a loop hole but honestly, if it's saving me time, I really don't care. (Yes I am a little selfish!)

  8. My ex boyfriend had a motorcycle and from what I can remember, motorcycles have fewer emissions, but they not across the board. Carbon Monoxide and a few others are less but they have drastically higher levels in two of the gases. I forget which ones, but I believe they are the heavier kind so they are actually more responsible for the dirt on the road and particulate matter in our lungs.
    I use the carpool lane on a regular basis with Moira, especially the on ramp, and I feel no guilt about it. She is a person, in a car, and I try to cluster our trips so that we are not driving long distances for only one reason.


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