Monday, March 23, 2009

Ammends to the snotty beetches.

Okay, I reread my last post and I don't want to sound like a total crazy so must explain myself....

Sorry, but if I've lived here for 10+ years and you just said hello to me (your next door neighbor) for the first time within the last few months then you are a snotty bitch. If when I said hello to you, you turned your head down and ran towards your door you are even more of a snotty bitch.

If you drive to your mailbox because it isn't right in front of your house then you are just stupid. Same thing for your garbage. It isn't that far away. Oh wait, I have been driving my garbage down now that I have to try and carry it down with Beanie so nix that

If you are snoopy and snooty and repeat yourself ten million times when I'm talking to you, I don't want to talk to you. And for gawd's sake, I know what a reserve study is!!! Don't look in my neighbor's windows. I am so glad we're on the top floor so you can't use your snoopy eyes to look through our windows too.

Ah, sorry for the swearing and overall negative tone but I am so over living in this condo and the people who surround me....

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