Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Beanie update.

With all this talk of jobs, housing and etc I probably really need to update on Beanie :)

I think she has started the terrible twos a couple months early. Really, some days she just has me feeling like I need to pull my hair out. Other days she is smiley and giggly...her normal self. And she's a little daredevil...NO FEAR!!! Like the other day we were at the drop-in play at the schoolhouse (still meaning to write a blog about the cliquey moms who are always there) and she was climbing up stuff (tall stuff) and wanting to jump off. Glenn has nicknamed her "danger girl." I have a feeling she's going to have her share of bumps and bruises. She has been eating a bit better and we've been trying to offer a wider variety of foods. I can't wait till all the summer fruits are out again because then I know she'll eat well! Or at least I'm hoping it all goes similar to last year!

She is still the cutest thing ever (even her tantrums are kind of entertaining in a way, although I try not to let her see me smile.....she's so dramatic sometimes!). Her hair is getting long (I think I almost need to cut her bangs again) and she even left her pigtails in for a good four minutes the other day. I think that's probably a record!

Well, there's a little update. Time to get some breakfast for Beanie and I.


  1. I really think the Terrible Twos aren't a misnomer. Didn't I read somewhere that they actually start around 18 months? It would explain a lot... Here's hoping that means they end by 2 1/2!

  2. Oops, that would be ARE a misnomer. Blogger needs a comment editing function (or I need to pay more attention before I post) :-0

  3. Yea. I think they lied when they said it's when they turn two because Brandon for sure seems to be in that phase now. Sigh.


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