Monday, March 9, 2009

Cross everything!!

We got another offer yesterday!!! I'm hoping this one will work out, but trying not to get my hopes up. Before we had this very interested party, we had pretty much resigned to letting the offer expire and waiting it out here for a bit. Then when these people came back for a 3rd showing I remember just how much I really do want to get the hell out of here. So we'll see. It is a promising offer, by far probably the best one we've gotten so far, so that makes me hopeful.

They want to close very quickly though which surely doesn't leave us time to find a house and close so we're probably looking at a storage unit and temporary housing. Yuck! Didn't want to go that route, but will if needed. They offered to let us rent back, but we are not interested in that. Done and over with I tell you! I'm going to look up those PODS things -- -- anyone ever used them, or know someone who has???

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