Monday, March 30, 2009

Score -- Mass Media: 1, Mommy 0

So, on our first TV-less day (which I should add also include trying to finish packing and loading up the POD) Beanie decided it would be a great idea to not take a nap. Clingy, screaming, teething toddlers and moving don't mix. So, you know what, we cuddled her up on the couch with some pillows, a blanket and turned Wall-E on the laptop. I'm not counting defeat yet, somtimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And yesterday we needed to pack, which meant not having a toddler hanging off my leg all day.


We are headed out to look at ten (or is it eleven) houses today. I just have a feeling that today we will find one! I wish we could head out and look right now but we are waiting until this afternoon when Glenn gets off work. We figured with such a promising looking bunch it would be best if we all headed out together.


Beanie is getting not one (not even two or three) but four teeth right now. All four of her canines, or eye teeth or whatever the heck people call them. The top two cut through last week and the bottom two are cutting right now. Its funny how much teething can mess with, um, everything!!!


  1. I am deeply, deeply ashamed to admit that my reliance on the TV has gotten to the point where I shudder to think of a TV-less day. Oh dear. And look at you: Braving no TV with FOUR teeth coming in at once. I bow down.

    GOOD LUCK with house hunting today! 11 houses ... let's hope you find the one! Update us as soon as you can!

  2. Good luck with house hunting. Hopefully you guys find what you are looking for.

    In regards to the TV less day, I've started to cut the Spongebob video he watches in the car. I guess that counts even if its just for 1/2 hour.

    He soo loves SPONGEBOB!

  3. Kristen, you have a great blog. Good luck with the house hunting. We now watch close to 1.5 hrs of DVD every day (split into three 30 min chunks). I feel very guilty about this, but Abhinav loves nursery rhymes :-)


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