Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Layout.

Whatdya think?

Actually I'm not overly pleased with it. A little too black & white I think. But I'm reluctant to change it now because when I did it removed all my widgets on the side and I had to readd them. That, along with the fact that I'm on a new laptop with none of my favorite blogs bookmarked, made it much more of a pain than I was expecting and I don't really want to go through all that trouble again. At least not tonight.


I lied. I hated it way too much. I had to change it. Not sure I'll go through all the trouble of updating my links again tonight. If you read regularly & blog yourself leave me a comment so I can add your link back (and bookmark it to my new laptop). I've found most of the ones I diligently read, but i know I'm forgetting some!

So, whatdya think of this layout? And not promising I'm not going to change it again. We'll see...the night is young and I don't feel like sleeping. Haha! I'm also "writing" quite a few blogs in my head, but not sure I have the energy or eloquence tonight to write what I want.


Okay, yea...I changed it about a billion times. And I went back to brown. Nice & Neutral...easy on the eyes. Is it? I think I'm done changing for now...

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