Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Great TV Test of 2009

On Saturday we will be taking our 46" plasma screen TV to my sister's for storage. Sorry PODS but I don't trust my TV in there with all the rest of my junk too. Our temporary rental doesn't have cable hoooked up and we've decided to forgo hooking it up in order to save some moola while we're there.

Like it or not we have come to rely on the TV with Beanie. While I don't think television is inherently evil or anything like that, we have let her watch way more TV than I'd like. No one to blame but ourselves so I am secretly glad that we will be without TV for a few months. I'm sure Glenn or I will want to catch up on The Daily Show or The Office on and maybe we'll throw a BlueRay in every once in awhile for Beanie, but it will be nothing like it is now. No day long Sponge Bob marathon.

I know how we fell into this "routine." Its pretty hard to remodel an entire house and have it for sale with a baby (now toddler). I'm not trying to make excuses, I just know how we came to this point. And I'm glad we're going to have a major change to shake things up a bit. My intention is to blog about our progress, trials and tribulations of living without TV. I know to some it will sound like "no big deal" but it will be a great change for us (great as in big and great as in wonderful). So, tune :)

And, yes, I changed my layout AGAIN. The one I picked out last night didn't do anything for links (you know, to make them stand out from regular text) so I decided to change. I think we've found a winner with the one I have now though, so don't expect it to change again anytime soon ;)

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  1. Ooh, I'll be interested to hear how this goes! Like you, I'm not particularly anti-TV, but I do feel like sometimes we use it too much as a crutch. Last night for example - I have the flu, DH was just getting home from and out-of-town trip, and Alex had just finished throwing half of his dinner across the floor - time for a Wiggles video, to calm him down and let Mommy rest like a zombie on the couch... :-( Although I feel like that was pretty justified!


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