Tuesday, March 10, 2009

They accepted!!

Well blog readers, the buyers accepted our counter offer. I still feel like we're not really in the clear...there are still many hurdles to jump. I'll feel a lot better in a week when we know if they've signed off on the HOA docs and binder because that is what caused the last offer to fall through.

I guess today I'm going to be researching some temporary housing and storage. We were thinking of staying at Extended Stay America, but I guess all of their units are one big room which obviously isn't ideal with Glenn's sleeping situation. The only thing I can think of is he could take an afternoon nap while Beanie & I get out and about and then head to bed later, but that hasn't ever really been his cup of tea. We'll see.

I'm still trying not to get too excited (but inside I really am) because I know there is still much that can go array from this point forward.


  1. Keep us posted! This is very exciting!

  2. Oh boy, I remember living in temporary housing, and that was before we had Alex (and in one case, before we even had our dog). Fun times (insert sarcasm here). But, since temporary housing would mean your sale is going through, here's hoping you have to find something, and that you're able to find something that works. And, really, it wasn't THAT bad. We did the extended stay hotel-type thing the first time, and then a furnished apartment that you could rent by the day, which had 2 bedrooms, and was really soooo much nicer - do you have anything like that available at a reasonable price??


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