Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sleep glorious sleep.

It seems that within the last couple weeks Beanie has taken to sleeping longer and later than before. Ever since Daylight Savings Time she has been going to bed a little later, closer to 8pm usually. For the majority of days the last week or so she has slept until 4am before waking for boobie. Which makes me so happy. It seems like progress. We are still cosleeping and probably will continue to do so until we are in our new house. I plan to try to start transitioning her then. I love cosleeping with Beanie, but the whole not-sleeping-with-Glenn-for-the-last-year is getting to me. Both of us I'm sure. Glenn just can't sleep with the three of us in bed and, honestly, neither can I. A queen-sized bed is only so big, you know. So, yea, big plans for the future -- lol -- but for now I am just excited Beanie is sleeping for such a good stretch. If she does stir she usually falls back asleep on her own or does so with a bit of cuddling from mama.

And naptimes have improved too. Beanie has been going down easier for her naps (even went down for Glenn without a fight the other day) and has been sleeping for about 2 hours. Nice!

I'm hoping this trend continues and that I didn't just jinx myself by writing this blog :)

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