Thursday, March 19, 2009


That one word describes me to a tee right now. Huh. I just have no motivation to pack right now, even though Beanie is sleeping and its the one moment all day I have to really get some stuff done. I guess when you get right down to it, most all of our non-essentials have been packed up for months. So, I'm packing here and there, waiting for the deadline REALLY to hit and feel the rush. Probably not the best way to go about it, but that's where I am right now. The POD is getting delivered on Tuesday and I figure we have more than enough crap in the garage to get started with. We've packed about ten boxes of kitchen stuff and I need to get to the store and get some newspaper or other packing material so I can box up the dishes. As environmentally minded as I try to be, I think we're going to be paper plating it for a bit. I boxed up all the stuff in the guest bath that we never use. I left out the bandaids just in case. I need to go through my stuff in the master and toss out old nail polish that is probably beyond yuck and other stuff like that. Shouldn't be too bad. Boxed up some of Beanie's toys that she hardly ever plays with. So I do feel like I'm making progress, but I'm sure more could be made.

It does scare the crap out of me that we don't know where we'll be living in two weeks. Ack!! We had found an almost perfect rental. Okay, it was pretty perfect from the ad. They don't take cats. Boohoo. So, back to square one. I posted an ad on CL looking for something and I'm checking every day for new postings. I'm about to just buck up and book the time at an Extended Stay or something, but I keep holding out for something better (and cheaper). My mom said you can cancel up until the night before, so I may just book to make myself feel a little better and get rid of some of the unknown. I mean, its not like I can just show up anywhere with a hubby who goes to bed at 6pm, an almost 2 year old, and a cranky old cat. Plus, I really want to know what stuff we don't want to pack up for long-term storage. Some of it really depends on where we're staying.

We saw an awesome house yesterday. We went up a bit north and looked at houses there. But, in reality, it is probably a lot farther north than we ideally want to be. Especially with Glenn working so far south right now. And, yes, we've thought of moving south but not really something either of us want to do. Plus, really crossing our fingers Glenn won't be down at that depot for long. The house was nice. Only three bedrooms, but more than made up for that with a HUGE bonus room downstairs. The yard was huge and flat. I could totally envision BBQs and backyard playdates there. It was in a cul-de-sac. Move it down about ten to fifteen miles and we would've sat down and written an offer. But, you can't take away the location. There were other downsides...its in a less-than-ideal school district, it was on septic (although there was sewer in the street you could hook up to). Anyway, I keep thinking of this house and wishing we knew where Glenn would be working for the forseeable future, but I also keep thinking about how its not where we want to be. The school district is a biggie for me. Its right across the street from where they're building a new high school which got me wondering if there was going to be a football stadium there...bright lights, loud Friday nights? Can you tell I'm trying to talk myself out of this place?

We went to storytime again today. Beanie loves it although she's definitely not the kind of toddler who sits down and listens to stories. Are any 21 month olds? Her two new friends were there and we had a good time. I'm glad we made some new friends and that they are all so close in age. Makes for fun times!

Alright, I really should go and stop procrastinating. I just realized (or remembered) I haven't had a shower yet today which is something I probably should've tried to fit in during Beanie's nap. I'm probably a bit short on time now so it might have to wait till bedtime. Sigh.

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