Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We close today!!!

Yay! Just waiting for the call from escrow to state that funds have been disbursed and WE ARE DONE!! Happy Dance and break out the red wine (I hate champagne).

Our house hunting trip yesterday didn't result in as many ooohs and aaahs as I had hoped, but we did find one that we both really liked. Not sit-down-and-write-an-offer liked, but we are still very much considering it. It was a gorgeous house on a big lot. Six (yes SIX) bedrooms and three bathrooms. Well within our new price range. Big two car garage. Awesome school district. Beautiful kitchen. Big bonus room downstairs.

So, you're wondering what the downsides were right? One, it is a bit farther out than we'd like to be but not too bad. If we knew where Glenn would be working it would likely make this decision much easier. I am sort of hoping (okay, really hoping) we find out something very soon. Two, it is a short sale. Our realtor said it could take months to hear back from the back, although he did mention that banks are starting to get better with quicker response times. Three, its on septic which, I admit, is probably not as big of a problem as I imagine but the only thing I keep thinking of is a crap-filled backyard. Eeeewww!

After sleeping on it I like this house more and more. I'm interested to hear what Glenn thinks after sleeping on it as well.


As for the TV, I did break down and let Beanie watch an episode of SpongeBob on the laptop before bed. She was uber cranky and had been such a good girl while we were looking at houses (it must be trying to get out of your carseat a million times!). Actually she was in a nutso-silly mood while we were out house-hunting. Our realtor, who had previously told us he planned on working from home a few days a week when he & his wife had children, has probably thrown that possibility out the window for good now ;).

But, it was just one episode and, like I said, she was a very good girl. And we're moving, which throws her whole world upside down anyways. My goal isn't really to completely eliminate TV forever anyway, just to drastically cut down the amount we watch. So, with that goal in mind, I think we're doing great!


  1. WOO HOO!
    Congrats on the whole post...even the tv part. People do not realize what a godsend the tv is for parents and you seem to really be aware of the up and downsides.
    And you don't like champagne?!? I have never heard anyone say that before. Ever.
    I'll let it slide. :)

    Again, CONGRATS. And nice working on keeping us all posted throughout the chaos. It has been fun to hear what is the latest happs.

  2. Dumb question - what is a short sale?

    Glad to hear you had a relatively productive day of house hunting - it sounds like you definitely have some things to mull over and discuss!

  3. from wikipedia...

    In real estate, a short sale is a sale of real estate in which the proceeds from the sale fall short of the balance owed on a loan secured by the property sold.[1] In a short sale, the bank or mortgage lender agrees to discount a loan balance due to an economic or financial hardship on the part of the mortgagor.


  4. Oh and Bri, yea not a fan of champagne. Neither is Glenn. Now you know 2 people who don't like it...lol.


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