Monday, July 27, 2009

85 degrees.

That's how hot it is in Beanie's room right now. Seriously. I just went and grabbed (or tried to grab, woke Glenn up and then he got all pissy and moved it himself) the portable a/c unit and put it in her room. 85 degrees?!?!? That's just ridiculous. And that's with a fan blowing through there all day long.

Its too hot. Like 100 today and forecasted to be close to 100 the next 3 days. Yikes!

If I can manage to stay up and type in this heat I'm going to try to finish blogging about our trip. But, in all likelihood, I'm going to stay in the nice air-conditioned room that isn't hot as hell.


  1. It is just plain wrong that it is 9pm and 82 degrees outside.

  2. Our family room was around 82 with the fan AND AC going all day! Scotty's been sleeping on the floor the past two nights with our AC on in there and it's a little bit cooler. He actually slept more than two hours last night :) Hope you guys find a way to keep nice and cool...I keep thinking we should go out and play in the sprinkler or something, but I don't have the energy in this heat!

  3. You are getting OUR weather, and we are getting YOURS! Its like 70 right now!!! And its not been really hot in a few weeks.. I am LOVING it.. but I dont mind taking the hot weather back since most of Washington doesnt have A/C (atleast it didnt when I was there) and we do.. Poor girl!!!

  4. Sandy, I let Beanie run through the sprinkler at 8:30 yesterday morning. It was already hot out! We drug her mattress into our room last night so we could all have a/c. She slept pretty well, although I ended up sleeping on the floor with her most of the night.

    Danielle, hmmmm....maybe I should come out there??

  5. PLEASE doooo come out here!! We'd have a blast!!! Id love to have the kiddos meet! Anytime! :)


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