Monday, July 6, 2009

Not invented by parents.

You know those insanely huge monstrocities that pretend to be shopping carts? You know, the ones that are cleverly marketed to children and have a big ass car on the front? It is pretty obvious to me that someone who has never been a parent invented those stupid things. I mean, they are a true pain in the butt to drive around the store. Can't take tight turns. Barely fit down the aisle with all the aisle stacks that stores have nowadays. I know Beanie can't be the only child who has the car cart radar on as soon as we get out into the parking lot. I swear I can try to steer her clear of those darn things, but she'll spot them from across the lot. And then all I hear is "Vroooom!! Beep!! Beep!!" Oh and, "No Mommy, why??!?" when I walk past them and strap her into a regular shopping cart. Sure, there are the instances when I cave and drive that idiotic thing around. But every single time? No freaking way! So thanks to whoever invented those silly things for making my trip across the parking lot a little more ninja-like.

And then there's the case of so-called family checkout lanes. You know what the family checkout lanes should have in them? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. Not coloring books and watercolors and snacks. Um, hello??!? That is exactly what Beanie wants when we're at the store. Heck, I'd rather have her eyeing the black & white cover of some trashy newspaper that is trying to tell me that Barack Obama and Michael Jackson had a 2 headed baby alien. I mean, that she isn't even going to give the once over. But coloring books?!?!? Who exactly invented the family checkout lane anyways? Not a parent, that's for sure.

Sorry Bethlehem Pennsylvania, I'm sure when you searched "big ass" late last night you weren't expecting to see a picture of a grocery cart. LOL.


  1. Ha ha ha, I am so glad I am not the only one that has to fight her kid when it comes to those stupid cart! Scotty thinks our Fred Meyer only has broken ones now...they are so stinking hard to push and you can't fit as much in there! And I agree on the checkout lines. Unfortunately, I'm more of a problem than the kiddo. I see a hotwheels car that he doesn't have and I grab it and put it in the cart before he even notices it! He's usually too busy flirting with the checker or people behind us :)

  2. Alex is a huge fan of the "special" carts as well, and is sure to have his eyes peeled and start yelling "car, car!" as soon as he finds them. I generally let him have his way, rather than risk having my hair pulled trying to wrestle him into a normal cart. :-( But then getting him out of the cart at the end of the trip is another story...


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