Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eek! I'm 30!

I was telling my friend Ann how when I was little my aunt threw a surprise over the hill party for my uncle's 30th birthday. Full on with black balloons and streamers and everything. When I was little I thought 30 was so old. Now, not so much! Not at all. I really feel like I have grown as a person in the last few years (thanks I'm sure to Beanie) and even more in the last few months (thanks to a stronger relationship with Glenn). I feel like the best is yet to come. Thirty doesn't seem bad at all :)

And, sorry, I was going to start blogging about our trip last night but Beanie took quite awhile to fall asleep and I just sacked out with her. I think she's got a bit of a bug from being around her cousin all weekend (who was sick and coughing up a lung and his mom not once told him to cover his mouth. Sigh. Anyway, I've been writing it in my head so I'll try to get some of it down while she's napping this afternoon....


  1. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the club :)

  2. Happy Birfday!!! Ack! If you're 30 now that means in a short 22 months I'll be 30!

  3. Thirty does feel good! If your lucky you still look like your in your twenties but much wiser! You find people start taking you more seriously. I loved 30! 31 wasn't bad, neither was 32, but now that I'm just shy of 33 I see 34, 35 and so on hang over my head. As a women that whole 35 and babies thing is freaking me out because we'd like 2-4 more and I'm 32 plus......I'm like calculating the exact time we should be having more kids before my baby making abilities go down the "sh*tter"! Ok, where did all that come from??? Maybe I need to blog?!? Sorry, what I meant to say was...........
    Happy Birthday and 30 is great and will be a great year for you! Enjoy it and may all your B'day wishes come true!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am glad you were able to get a nap!!! That is a GREAT birthday present hahahaha

    I love my 30's! I wouldnt go back to my 20's for ANYTHING! Its been great! The older I get the BETTER I get :)

  5. Happy Birthday Kristen!! Being 30 is awesome!


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