Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A blog a day...

...keeps the doctor away. Or, in my case, maybe the psychiatrist. LOL. I've decided to try and blog every day for the month of July. Multiple that by 2 blogs and that's 62 posts. We'll see, but I think I'm up to the challenge!

I have a lot of random things going through my head right now, a lot of posts half-written (at least mentally), and a lot of books I want to review. Should make it easy, right? As for Beanie's blog, I'm hoping that a blog a day will rekindle my interest in posting there. And, bonus points, I know the grandparents will eat it up...and probably leave lots of comments that I roll my eyes at.

But, for tonight, I really don't feel like saying anything too important or noteworthy so I think I'll leave you with some random tidbits and updates...

Beanie's carseat arrived yesterday. We had purchased the Britax Marathon from Traveling Tikes and, as talked about in this post it was stolen by some super lame UPS employee. Well, Traveling Tikes shipped a new one to us right away (although I was a bit confused as they said it would come from CA in order to get to us sooner, but it was still shipped from the same east coast location). But, the most important part is that its here! I LOVE it. After learning more about carseats, I don't think I would ever purchase the ones we had before again. I really like that Beanie can be rear-facing longer in the Marathon (important for my 25lb two year-old) and that she can be harnessed forward facing up to 65lbs (which is probably more than enough allowance weigh-wise). Anyway, I would encourage any new parent to really research the car seats out there before just buying any old one. Its something I wish I would've done.


You know the whole Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus thing? Is it really true? I say yes! I know the anxiety over our upcoming "vacation" is seeping into my every day life. How can it not? I admit my patience has been super thin with Beanie lately and that I haven't exactly been peaches and cream with Glenn either. And I haven't wanted to talk about it with him either. Well, today we finally talked. I just feel like he could really help out a little more and maybe I could have a little space (like even 5 minutes) to myself each day. I know there is the evening after he and Beanie have gone to bed, but (as I tried to explain but don't know if it made too much sense) even at nightttime I feel like I'm "on call." Actually, Glenn used those words so I guess I must've made some sense. As we were talking I gave him an example of something that had made me mad. The other night my friend Jill called. I was mad because my phone must've gone straight to voicemail or something and I missed her call. I was so excited she had called and called her right back! I had just started the bath water when she called. So, I thought saying Oh my gosh, its Jill! I gotta call her right back was enough to let Glenn in on the fact that it would really be great if he gave Beanie her bath so I could talk on the phone. So, imagine my confusion when he motions to me and says "the bath water is ready." Um, yea? So plop her in the tub! Apparently I needed to say "Oh my gosh, its Jill! I gotta call her right back and could you please give Beanie a bath since I'll be on the phone." So, I'm working on being a little more explicit and asking for exactly what I want/need/etc. Mars? Venus? Whatever. Can't he just read my mind?


I got my first birthday present today! Well, actually the mom brought my presents when they were up in April. But, I got a new phone!! I am so excited because my old phone was really starting to crap out and it was so frustrating. So, yay! I got a fancy new phone with a touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard (which will make texting so much easier!). It was BOGO, so Glenn got one too. Hmmm....if he got a present too can he still count it as my birthday present? Haha!

Well, check back soon. If you don't, you just might find yourself way far behind on my life ;)

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  1. ITA with the Mars/Venus thing! I need to work on the same thing here - saying exactly what I want instead of assuming it's understood, because more than often, it's not! I tend to feel guilty about having to ask, like it makes me a nag or something, yet it's actually what my husband would prefer. Sigh - men! :-)


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