Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to Normal.

Ah, the weather is (sort of) back to normal. Still hot for around here, but its forecasted to be only 86 degrees today. That sounds so nice when, for the last three days, the inside of my house has been 86 degrees!

Glenn got shifted onto another route for the next couple days so poor Beanie is walking around saying "Daddy home? Where's Daddy?" because she's used to him being home right about now.

She's been waking up uber early since its been so hot out and she's almost ready for a nap here at 10am. She probably would go down a bit easier, but I've pretty much stopped nursing her down so its making things a little rougher.

I'm hoping she does go down soon though so I can finish my epic blog about our trip. I only got through the first day so far and that doesn't even include any funny stuff!

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