Monday, July 13, 2009

My night.

Beanie finally went to bed around 9. That's pretty late for her. I finally stopped dorking around online around 10 or 10:30 (gosh, is it bad that I can't really remember???) and went to bed. Now I have to put the baby gate up because when Beanie wakes she doesn't just pop right into our room (which would totally make sense because it is right across the hall). No, she books it down into the living room saying "Mama! Mama!" and then getting all upset because Mommy isn't out chilling in the living room. Now, she's only done this twice, usually I wake up before she's up enough to be taking off around the house. But twice is enough that I feel like we have to use the baby gate. And I have a cat, Sam, who is lazy as all get out and won't jump over the stupid gate for anything. He just sits there and whines and meows.

So, of course, last night right before I'm ready for bed he mozies out into the living room. Like, can't he just chill in the master for longer? Nope. So I wait a bit so he walk around and then I pick him up and toss him (not literally) into the master. Put up the gate. Yea, then the stupid cat decides he's hungry so I get out of bed and throw him (again, not literally) over the gate so he can eat. Beanie is stirring around and kicking the wall between her room and the master. Glenn is stealing all the blankets and the pillows. The cat chills out in the rest of the house for a while only to return to the gate and whine and meow and create a stir. Seriously. I've even tried to put a little stool next to the gate so he could hop up there and then over the gate. But no. Sam is the laziest cat ever. So I go out, hurdle over the gate, pick up the cat and bring him into the master. Again. Finally get a pillow and some blankets. Beanie finally stops kicking the wall. I finally (barely) fall asleep when Beanie decides to wake up again.

What a night. After all that I finally got some sleep in. I swear I need to figure something out for the laziest cat ever though...


  1. Dude, seriously. Have you tried CIO? With the cat, I mean. Maybe he would eventually either figure out how to get over the gate himself or just go back to sleep. Because you know he's not really hungry. He just wants your attention. I think he's old enough now to try CIO. Just my opinion. ;)

  2. 'Cause it will be more difficult in the long run if you don't do something now. Sure, it'll be hard on the whole family at first, listening to him fuss, but then he'll learn.

  3. Ann, you crack me up! I'd let the poor cat CIO but I'm just afraid he'll shit on the carpet. haha.

  4. LMAO!!!! STUPID cat!!!! I had the same thing tho with the dog except he wouldnt get up on the bed. He was too darn lazy! So we would have to wake up and pick him up. (dog is gone now btw and I am sleeping all night hehehehe)


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