Thursday, July 2, 2009

Park Playdate.

In a little bit this morning we are headed to the park for a playdate with my mom's group. I'll admit I've been feeling a little ambivalent about hosting things lately. One, we've been so busy trying to get ready for Beanie's birthday and, two, I just hate when people RSVP yes and change last minute. Of course, as a mother of a toddler I realize that things come up and sometimes last minutes changes are necessary. As a host of an event though, its a little lame! Last I checked five people were definitely coming and there were 6 maybes. Should be a good group! A lot of Beanie's friends are coming too, which will make for more fun for her (and me too).

Mom's groups are sort of funny. At the beginning they are very intimidating. They can feel clicque-y. The rewards are great though if you put yourself out there. I admit it took me a long time to find a few people in the group that I really meshed well with, and that had kids Beanie's age. I feel like we've found that little niche in our mom's group now and it is very nice!

I've decided to try and get more involved in my AP mom's group too. Thus far, I've only really participated online, but next week I am hosting a park playdate for that group. Good times!


  1. Have fun! I promise Scotty and I are going to start coming again soon...things have been hectic with his birthday party and a bunch of family stuff the past few weeks! Enjoy the sunshine :) We'll be "camping" in our backyard after I set off a bug bomb inside...should be interesting :)

  2. Yeah, it does take some time, but is totally worth it in the end! And even now, almost 1 1/2 later, I still have times where I don't go to anything. Then a month or so later I'm constantly going and it's totally fun.

    I've never hosted anything though. I probably will August or September, but maybe not LOL.


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