Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The other day I made these flashcards for Beanie. I've been having lots of mommy guilt lately about the amount of TV she's (or we've) been watching and I'm trying to change that. I've been trying to make sure the TV she does watch is more, um, educational. I've been drastically cutting the TV time down in the morning. Same for evenings. During the day we've been trying to do more activities. Now if I could just get Hubby to turn the TV off during the day too. I know he is winding down after work (and after work is 10am) but still!!

Okay, off that tangent. I made these flashcards. Beanie has been counting to ten, although for some reason she almost always skips seven. She has been counting meaningfully (and by meaningfully I mean actually counting objects) up to 3 or 4. That's why I made the circles on the cards (I just traced dimes), because I want to help her understand that three is more than two, four is more than three, etc etc.

I'm not really worried about teaching all this to her, but she does seem to like numbers and counting so I thought it might be a good activity for her to have fun with.

I do want to laminate the cards. I'll probably just cover them with contact paper so she won't rip them, but the job of getting the contact paper on there cleanly and without bubbles will probably be a difficult one for me! Haha. Anyone want to help me out???


  1. Oh crap. Two is more than three?? No WONDER Jack is so behind! Damn.

  2. I'm sorry I'm so obnoxious. It's just because I'm jealous and way too lazy to do something like that. And the Lortab makes me say things I don't mean to. I love your cards. Your math, not so much. UGH. See? Stupid Lortab.

  3. Shit. Did I say two is more than three? God maybe someone else should be making flashcards for Beanie.

    *editing post* lmao

  4. And maybe I should brew another pot of coffee? Whatdya think?

  5. Maybe you just need some Lortab and then it wouldn't matter what you wrote. Because you wouldn't care. You know I love you, right? And I couldn't help myself, right? It was just too good to pass up. OK, I'm napping now.

  6. you should blog before your nap if you're all doped up ;)

  7. I can help with the contact paper. I know you can have trouble with straight lines ;)

  8. Funny thing...

    I'm not even on medication and I had to re-read this a few times to see where you even mentioned anything being more than anything. AND..I read this when you first posted it and didn't catch it then either.

    So now...who is the asshole?


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