Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Apologies in Advance...

...if I'm not around as much as I have been.

Apparently I have quite a few subluxations in my spine. I'm all sorts of messed up from my neck all the way down my spine. My neck is really bad. The curvature to my spine is gone (and even tilted forward a bit) and some of the vertebrae are showing signs of degeneration. The chiropractor kept asking (again) if I'd ever had a bad car accident or trauma.

I have chiropractic treatments scheduled for the next sixteen weeks to fix the problems that are presenting right now and to try and fix and eliminate the underlying problems I have so the pain doesn't come back. I don't know why I'm so surprised. My mom has a horrible back. She's gone to a chiropractor for as long as I can remember.

It hurts to sit at the computer right now. Basically it hurts to do just about anything. I can't wear Bubby which is killing me. It's hard to hold him and comfort him. I can't pick up Beanie. I can't really do anything.

I am feeling a ton better already, but I'm really ready to be feeling 100%.

Bubby has been cranky lately. He has been having hives off and on. I just can't figure out what's going on with him. Is there another allergy or intolerance that we're missing? Is he just in a cranky stage? Teething? Growing? Etc?

It's hard to get out of the house. I'm feeling down. Anxious. Not being able to use the Moby or Ergo makes things ten times harder because that's how we're used to getting out and about.

I just want a break. Really. Is that too much to ask? The colic. The thrush. The intolerances. Glenn's work. Anxiety. My back. Can a lady catch a break here?

I feel guilty we haven't been doing as much. Beanie wants to get out. The house looks like crap. Glenn has been working so much and then helping out at home. It's times like these I wish some of our completely crazy family lived a bit closer. Then I think about how nuts I would be if they really did live closer.

At least I'll be getting a little me time for the next sixteen weeks. I'm going in four times a week for the next two weeks, then three times a week for ten weeks and then once a week for four weeks.

Ah. Me time. At the chiropractor's office. Gotta love it.

Boo. I'm just not feeling the love right now. Anywhere.

I'm just lonely, in pain and ready for a break from all this craziness.


  1. I know this would eliminate the "me" time at the chiropractor, but have you considered taking Bubby there for his issues? Chiro is often really helpful for fussy babies (says my cousin the chiropractor, my husband's chiropractor, etc...) and since you are already making the trip...just a thought. I hope the back sorts itself out soon, it is so hard not to be able to carry your kids!

  2. I hope the treatments help. We are just down the street if you ever need a break, I'm sure Moira would love to play with Beanie.

  3. You do deserve a nice break! Maybe a Mom's night away (even for an hour). I'd be happy to join you!

  4. Is it weird that I read this and my first thought was "I'll clean!"??? Honestly, if you need help with anything feel free to call us. We're back down to just Scotty and me and I'm sure he'd love to see some new faces :)

  5. I agree with Janelle - try taking Bubby to the chiro too! One of my younger sisters was an extremely fussy baby. It wasn't until my mom's midwife suggested taking her to a chiroprator that they saw the resolve of many issues they'd been having.

    I sure hope you start feeling better soon!

  6. Back issues are the worst! Mine is pretty jacked up, but not nearly as bad. I should be getting worked on but we literally have no money to spare.

    I second having the chiro work on Bubby also - it worked wonders for Elsa when she was just born and she still goes.

  7. I agree with others that a trip to the chiro can be great for the kids too! I take both mine when I go. If you want company at home, I don't care if your house isn't spotless (you've been to mine right?!) and Sparky would love to come play with Beanie!


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