Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beanie's Tummy Troubles.

I alluded to this in a previous post, but Beanie has been having some tummy issues. Today we took her in to Children's to have an upper GI.

Basically, she's pukey. She's always had quite a gag reflex when she gets too much in her mouth, something on the back of her tongue, when she's sick, the list goes on and on. If she coughs hard, she pukes.

It's always been pretty random or at least we could identify that she had a cold or some other virus that might be contributing to the issue. Last week it happened every day for three days. She started to complain of pain the third day. She was starting to be afraid to eat, saying that the food would make her sick. We tried to gently explain that the food wouldn't make her sick and that it was okay to eat.

Since it was happening so frequently with no apparent underlying reason we called the pediatrician. We went in last Wednesday and she thought it was a strange situation as well. We decided to proceed with having Beanie get an upper GI to rule out the possibility that there was a kink or other abnormality in her GI tract causing her to throw up.

This morning we headed to Children's. We told her all along that they were just going to take some pictures of her tummy. Before we left the house I took some pictures of her tummy with my cell phone too. She handled it like a champ; she was excited each time the tech came out for more scans, she loved playing in the little playroom while she was waiting, she handed out books to the other children who were waiting (many of them for surgeries I believe), and was, overall, having a good time. I was a bit worried about Glenn having to take her in, not because he couldn't handle it (because of course he can!), but because Beanie has been in a very I-want-mommy-all-the-time stage. We told her ahead of time that Daddy was going to go back with her to get the pictures taken and that Mommy and Bubby would be waiting outside for her when she was all done. I think the time we took to prepare her for everything really helped.

And, thank goodness, we got the results back this afternoon and everything looks great. I guess it was just some random occurrence that it happened three days in a row. Now we'll just watch her and make sure it's not getting worse again and see how things go. She doesn't seem to be as afraid to eat and when she coughs we remind her that it's okay to cough and that just because you cough doesn't mean you're going to throw up.

So glad things are returning to normal here!

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  1. Samuel has a pretty touchy gag reflex as well. Coughing can make him throw up, choking just a little bit will bring up everything he ate. His would sometimes come in waves too, he would throw up a lot for about a week without any other signs of illness, or it would be at least once a week for a month straight, but he seems to be outgrowing it some. He is also very prone to car sickness. As much as I know it is safer to have him facing the rear of the car still we had to turn him around months ago to help relieve the problem. We are trying everything, sea bands (he won't leave them on) cola syrup, etc on any trip longer than 1/2 hour. Glad that Beanie doesn't have anything seriously wrong!


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